You want to be proud of your beard – don’t you? But perhaps there’s a little fuzziness to your beard that you are not proud of. The truth of that matter is that beards are a hard beast to tame. It is easy to look online and see a whole range of straighteners and gadgets that promise to straighten your beard. The ultimate question is “are beard straighteners worth it?”. Here we will try and tackle this problem and provide you with a definitive answer!

You can buy beard straighteners for a small amount of money these days. Looking at two aspects of buying a beard straightener will help you decide if it is worth it. 1: Is the price point proportional (does it scale) to the problem being solved? 2: Does the appliance do a good job of solving the problem? If you are having issues with controlling your beard then the low price will absolutely be worth it. But if you can do the same job with just a hairdrier – it may not be worth it for you!

Good beard care will help avoid the need for beard straighteners.

When it comes to taking good care of that beard of yours, there is a load of factors that come into play:

  • Are you washing your beard correctly? Using a good quality beard shampoo and conditioner will help hydrate your beard and keep it manageable. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can use the same shampoo as you use on your head. They are formulated differently and will be too harsh on your face!
  • When drying your beard are you too rough?
  • Is your daily routine nourishing your beard enough to keep it at its best?

Just as with the hair on your head (if you are lucky enough to be a bearded man that has kept their head hair), it may be that you’re having a “bad beard day”. Your beard may just not be behaving itself enough to make you feel confident.

We’re here to help you get over that hill and ensure that beard of yours never makes you feel bad! Can a beard straightener be the answer to all of your problems?

How to decide if something is “worth it”?

When looking at whether something is “worth it” we need to consider two aspects.

  1. Is the price point proportional (does it scale) to the problem being solved
  2. Does the appliance do a good job of solving the problem?

It’s only when we consider these two aspects that the answer to the question of whether beard straighteners are worth it can be truly answered.

Here we shall look at these two aspects in-depth and then go from there! Hold on to your hats – we are about to go deep!

Are beard straighteners worth it?

Beard straighteners will do for your beard the same magic as they do for women’s hair in those really bad hair days. They can transform the “I want to stay in bed and read” mood into a “Let’s Rock’n’Roll” one. Your lifted eyebrow may disagree at this point, but do stay with us through this line of thought for a couple of minutes more and find out why we say it is mood and, ultimately, life-changing.

A decent beard straightener will tame those rebel beards that insist on doing the wrong thing. You are the master and commander of their destiny and so you should be!

Don’t expect to spend too much on it to start with. There are great options available for way less than you expect. Some will allow you to adjust the temperature to ensure you don;t hurt your beard hair.

In the end, you’ll most likely end up best friends and afraid to spend too much time apart. The result is, ultimately, the one that you always wanted to achieve but couldn’t with a simple comb and scissors.

Our beard straightener recommendations:

We would start by recommending the Cayzor Beard Straightener :

The Cayzor Beard Straightener is one of the highest-ranking articles at Amazon and that doesn’t come as a surprise once you look at what it offers you!

Besides having a very appealing price tag for what it offers, it can deliver five different temperature settings that will, as we mentioned before, be perfect to adjust to whatever beard type you have. It won’t take you long to finish the job as it will heat up in 60 seconds and features a really cool and modern LCD screen. You’re granted to be safely protected from burns and this article is actually both a beard comb and a heated beard straightener.

Ideal beard length is 2″ and longer. It is ideal for any length and type, meaning you really will get yourself a great deal that is also an all-rounder.

The Straight Hair Comb USB

If you’re more into high tech and you don’t mind spending a little more, you can grab yourself one of the coolest gadgets for your beard available on Amazon:

The Straight Hair Comb USB is the true all-rounder. It will improve your beard and hair in the same fantastic way.

The best thing about it is that it’s totally portable and you can charge it via USB cable, extremely practical for your straightening sessions.

In the same manner as the Cayzor, this beard straightener can be both used as a hair comb with all facilities to avoid damage to your facial hair as well as a straightener.

Unlike most of its peers, it hosts Negative Ionizer Technology that helps it run smooth through your beard and will reduce curls and tangles, giving it a light and professional look.

If that’s not impressive enough, it works as an emergency power bank for your mobile phone or laptop via its USB connection.

Fair enough it costs more than double than most straighteners you can find, but it offers a better experience overall.

The issues with beard straighteners

When it comes to beard straighteners, the list is long and you’ll find that many quality items are available around the same price range ($25-$30).

More technological models can be found for a little more that will deliver the same safety and quality experience with some added improvements – mainly ionizers that will deliver a better global experience of usage.

As lifesaving as they may be, there are also some weaknesses that can be found when it comes to beard straighteners.

They can take some time to master, as types of beard differ and the expected result may not be achieved on the first couple of attempts.

Some can also tangle and make it hard for you to deliver the smooth and fast experience you are hoping for. When it comes to quality of application, you’ll also find occasional difficulties in maintaining that holding effect that you are expecting.

With these three main issues in mind, it’s ideal to choose a model that will deliver a great ability to adjust its temperature as well as be designed for most beard types and lengths. You’ll do well to consider reading costumer reviews before opting for a model and ensuring that your beard type is actually contemplated in the specifications.

The final word

In the end, what you are aiming for is an almost effortless, smooth and safe operation. A beard straightener that is practical but that won’t burn your hair or face and possesses safety technology such as auto-off functions and adjustable levels of temperature.

Most of the available models do ensure that these basic steps are contemplated, but you’ll still need to do your homework to ensure you grab the best model for your specific needs.

With all this in mind, yes, beard straighteners are definitely worth it.

With a beard straightener, you’ll be finding a new you. It will deliver an added sense of modernity to your own self and boost your confidence whenever you walk in the room. Women tend to be fascinated and men tend to be slightly jealous. Attending to a beard in a way that shows you’ve put some effort into it is actually something you build over time and that delivers as an extension of your own personality.