22 awesome beard gifts for the bearded person you love

Buying a gift for the bearded man in your life can be relatively challenging! They may already have a cupboard full of beard products like oils, balm, wax, and butter. But the good news is that the bearded gentleman is always able to improve on the contents of his beard grooming kit. As a bearded man, there are some things that I just wouldn’t buy for myself. Maybe it’s the luxury end of the spectrum or maybe its the sample pack that I’ve always wanted to try but am too attached to my regular products to buy it myself. Whatever it is, I have put together this massive list that has a range of beard gifts for the bearded person in your life will love!

Some of the best beard gifts include beard gift sets, sample packs of oils, beard straighteners, natural fiber brushes, beard mugs, beard shaping tools, mustache scissor kit, mirrors, travel kits and books about beards.

This list of items has been investigated and vetted with other bearded people to make sure that everything in this list is something that bearded men love. I’ve put together this ultimate gift list so you don’t have to spend hours and hours searching the internet for that perfect bearded gift!

Let’s get right into it with the staple of a bearded gift giving – the beard gift set!

Beard gift sets

The beard gift set is one of the most perfect gifts that you can give. It will contain as much or as little of the essential beard products that you choose. The good thing is that you can also create your own bearded gift set by buying only the things that your gift recipient wants and packaging it all together. If you are doing that you should check out my recommended tools page – I go through everything that is essential for the bearded gentleman.

Here we’ll go over the best small, medium and large gift sets for the person you love!

Small beard gift set

A small beard gift set is the perfect starting place for a gift! It should contain the bare essentials needed that are used most regularly when someone is maintaining a beard. That, for most bearded people, is Beard oils, conditioners, and balms! This trio is an exciting combination and one that most men would love to get more of in their life! This gift pack from Bossman is perfect for the special person in your life.

I know nearly every bearded person wants their beard to be better hydrated and conditioned. so this would not be an unwelcome gift by any bearded men that I know! And if you want to take it one stage further upping the gift set to include some other products would not be unwelcome either.

Let’s look at the medium and large gift set options.

Medium beard gift set

A medium gift set is a perfect gift as it contains everything that is essential for beard maintenance and nothing more! Perfect if you want to give the bearded person in your life the opportunity to try a new brand or stock up on the beard essentials. One of the best gifts that you can give is the Viking revolution beard conditioner set:

This gift comes with everything to make a beard soft and look awesome. The beard wash and conditioner will help clean and soften the beard while the oil and beard balm is going to last ages for further maintaining the beard. The great thing about this set is that the entire range of products has the same smell which makes the use of them together much better. If you end up using a load of different types of beard products with differeing essential oils – the beard can end up being an overwhelming mix.

Large beard gift set

The largest gift sets is reserved for when the receiver of the set just loves their products and needs a massive boost to the variety of different items in their beard product cupboard. A great large set not only contains oil, shampoo, conditioner, and balm but also other tools like scissors and combs. Also, this set from Zennutt has an ebook thrown in too!

This gift set has everything that a person would need including brushes, combs scissors, and a book too! Maybe the bearded person in your life dones’t need a full set but rather they need a boost of one particular type of beard product! that is where the beard oil sample packs can come into play!

Sample packs

A sample pack of different beard products is always a welcome gift for the bearded person. It allows them to try out things that they wouldn’t otherwise have considered buying. Maybe due to price, maybe due to the sound of the essential oils used. However, this is what makes these gifts absolutely perfect for someone.

A good sample pack will aim to push someone out of their comfort zone into something that they may have never tried – they could find a new products that they LOVE!

Beard oil sample pack

Sometimes you just get too comfortable with the oils that you buy that you just don’t venture out of your comfort zone to try new things. The great thing about a beard oil sample pack is that you get to try a load of different essential oil mixes without having to commit to one – that is why I love sample packs. One of the best arrays of scents is provided by Viking Revolution and their sample pack of three oils.

Remember that the goal of giving a loved one a sample pack isn’t that they will love every single one – but rather that they will find something new that they wouldn’t otherwise have felt like trying or doesn’t necessarily sound all that good on paper. So, the more crazy the combo – the better the gift!

Beard balm sample pack

Beard balm is an incredible product. Every bearded person should have a few in their cupboard and so a sample pack with different types of smells, and unscented versions, are the perfect gift. Beard balm is a brilliant present for someone who wants that extra bit of detail on their beard or that suffers from dry hair and skin. One of the best is from the rocky mountain barber company.

Beard balm is a product that you don’t need a lot of. Check out my beard balm tips in this super in-depth article – How to apply beard balm – the ultimate beard balm guide. I love that this pack has not an unscented version which means that you can use it with your other favourite smelling products and there won’t be any scent combinations that don’t work!

But what if you want to try a little bit of everything? Well, there are a load of different combination sample packs that contain both oil and balm. Here is one of my favorites.

Combination sample pack

Having a combination sample pack is the best way to find out what smells and combination of beard oils and balms you like the most. Which is why this is an awesome present. This is one of the most comprehensive combination sample packs that I have seen on amazon and I think it’ll be worth your time to take a look at!

Beard oil and balm can be used together with no issue. The issue is when too much of the beard oil and balm are used. It creates a heavy and greasy looking beard that no one want to look at or touch! When you are doubling up on beard oil and balm less is more. My tip is to use oil and then wait for a little bit before applying the balm. Giving the oil about 30 minutes to be absorbed into the beard will help limit the over application issues!

Beard straightener

A beard straightener is a gadget that a lot of men don’t buy for themselves. It seems like an unnecessary addition to an already full grooming kit. But, let me knell you how great a beard straightener can be! If you want to read more on the subject then check out my other article about whether beard straighteners are worth it or not. A good beard straightener will help with a load of issues regularly faced by beard growers:

  • Fuzziness
  • Stray hairs
  • Waves and Curls
  • Using less product on the hair.

If your loved one doesn’t have a beard straightener I would start by recommending the Cayzor Beard Straightener:

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The Cayzor Beard Straightener is one of the highest-ranking articles at Amazon and that doesn’t come as a surprise once you look at what it offers you!

Besides having a very appealing price tag for what it offers, it can deliver five different temperature settings that will be perfect to adjust to whatever beard type you have. It won’t take you long to finish the job as it will heat up in 60 seconds and features a really cool and modern LCD screen. You’re granted to be safely protected from burns and this comb is actually both a beard comb and a heated beard straightener combined!

Natural fiber beard brush

A good quality natural fiber brush is the staple of a good beard care routine. Having a good brush is a gift that will be used daily, if not multiple times a day! A good beard brush will help soften and tame the beard by removing debris and dirt from the beard as well as tame the crazy hairs that pop outside the lines of the beard. One of the best on the market is the Beard Brush by ZilberHaar.

This brush is a quality brush made in Germany with stiff boar hair bristles and a pearwood handle. This is an item that could last a lifetime if properly looked after. Used alongside a good beard balm and oil this should form part of a really effective early morning routine!

Beard mug

This is the first novelty gift in the series of beard gifts. Sure there are plenty of t-shirts for the bearded gentleman but a mug is something that can be taken to the office, left at home – or taken on a camping trip. A fun mug goes down well with everyone and can be personalized for the person receiving the gift too! Here are some of the current mugs available on Amazon!

Remember to have a bit of fun when you are choosing a beard style mug – personally I love the outrageous nature of the Mer-beard mug. But choose one that reflects the awesome personality of your bearded loved one!

Beard shaping tool

I’ve always been in two minds about a beard shaping tool that I never bought one for myself! It always felt like an unnecessary tool that I wouldn’t need. But, as it turns out, balancing the shape of your beard and keeping it symmetrical required more than a couple of mirrors. A good beard shaping tool can help heel the lines of a beard sharp and right on point.

The Aberlite beard hair trimmer has the most number of shapes of any other beard tool and comes with a beard pencil so you don’t have to awkwardly hold up the beard tool as you try and maneuver your beard trimmer to access all of the right spots. It also has a see-through material so you can see where the beard line would be. Probably the best online at the moment.


A beard trimmer is one of the most important electrical devices that the owner of a beard can have. I have written extensively on the different types of beard trimmers for the many different types of beards. Take a look at these articles for a beard trimmer that best matches the beard of your recipient:

The most important aspect of all of these different shavers is that they are good quality and from a well-known manufacturer. A good quality beard trimmer is strong enough to pass through a beard with ease so that you can quickly detail a beard accurately. But spending a little bit more is always worth it and your gift will be a tool that they will use every single day!

Mustache scissor kit

Trimming your mustache is one of the most intricate parts of the maintenance process. Having a selection of high quality trimmers can turn the chore of mustache trimming into a joy. This awesome little kit contains some professional scissors and a comb to tame that wild mustache!

The little pouch that comes with this kit is perfect for travel (in a checked suitcase) and stored in a bag for everyday carry! There’s no doubt that this will become a priced and valued addition to any bearded man’s kit!

Trimming bib

Trimming a beard is messy business! even the lightest of trims with electric trimmers or scissors can send small amounts of hair all over the bathroom! Not so good when it ends up all over your toothbrush and stuck in the corners of the vanity cabinet. There’s a very simple solution to this issue – a trimming bib!

A beard bib catches all of the hairs that fall from your face as you are trimming with electric trimmers of scissors. There are plastic suction cups that hold the bid in place against a mirror. To dispose of the hair all you have to do is pull off the suction cups and tips the hair into a bin. It’s something that the whole family will thank you as there will be no more hair all over the floor and countertops! There are a lite and deluxe version of this product – choose the deluxe version as it comes in a gift box!

New mirror

Having a new mirror allows the bearded person to see their beard like never before! When I trim my beard I use a couple of mirrors to check on the sides of the beard and to line up the beard from the side. I recommend that every bearded person gets a second mirror that can be suctioned, or placed, next to the main mirror to provide an added level of visibility to your beard.

This mirror is the most versatile and has a 1x and 7x magnification side. This makes it easy to get a nice clean line on the edges of the beard – like the cheek line. Another option is a suction cup mirror that allows you to move and place the mirror on any flat surface like a mirror or flat tile. This option is great for those that want the flexibility to change the angles from which they view their beards for trimming! Just make sure that whatever one you end up choosing that it is fog-free! There is nothing more infuriating than having to wipe down your mirror every couple of minutes!

Travel beard kit

Quite often the bearded person has to travel. Whether that is for fun or for work. Traveling with a load of beard equipment can be a bit of a pain in the behind. That is where a beard traveling kit can come in handy. This is a kit that contains containers of beard oil, balm, and all of the tools necessary for keeping that beard looking the best it can. Just because you are traveling, it doesn’t mean that your beard cannot look it’s best. One of the best at the moment is this one:

This set comes with everything you need – and more – for your beard growing travel. The set comes with a toiletries travel kit than can accommodate all of the other things you need to carry too. If you want to you can also come up with your own travel kit for your bearded traveler too. That involves simply buying a good quality toiletry bag and some of his most used beard grooming items.

Buy some of the sample packs from above as they come in smaller amounts than is normally sold. Then package it all up in a good quality wash bag – your gift reciever will be thankful for the extra effort that went into the planning and execution of such a personalized gift! You could even take this gift to the next level by including a personalized wash bag!

Personalized wash bag

The one place that I think is the best for personalized gifts is etsy.com. This is a place where you can easily get some handmade and personalized gifts. They also have a range of people that create awesome beard products and gifts. If you are looking for a place to buy something extra special – this is the place to go! There are loads of great gifts and here is my favorite wash bag.

The extra effort that it takes to get something personalized makes the gift extra special!

Beard baubles

This is where the beard gifts can get a little silly and we can have some fun! Beard baubles are a fantastic gift for someone at Xmas time. I actually got a set just before Xmas and, although silly, they were actually fun to wear on the day and they were so light that I didn’t even notice then dangling from my beard! There are lots of options for the beard baubles and you can even get them with lights!

The great thing about these beard ornaments is that you can use them in your hair too. Sure, they are a little bit silly but they are fun to play with on Xmas day! Here’s another fun product that can just get a little bit messier, beard glitter.

Beard Glitter

This product is a fun way to make your beard glow! Beard glitter is applied to the beard as an oil and can be locked into place with hair spray. The biggest issue is that you will be pulling glitter out of your beard for a few week! But it can be mostly removed after one good wash.

You may have seen the company beardaments on shark tank and they seem to be doing really well! So take the time to consider this fun accessory for your bearded loved one!

Beard bead set

There is no reason why a beard can be embellished – that is where beard beads come in! Beard beads are beads that hold on to hair and looks kind of cool! they can be left in there for a relatively long amount of time and have been used by nordic beardsmen for centuries.

One of the great things about beard beads is that they come in so many different shapes and patterns that you’ll almost certainly be able to find a bead set to match the personality of the person you are buying for. They tend to come in metallic finishes but can be wooden too!

If you want to find some more options for beard beards – have a search for dreadlock beads too. They will be just as suitable for beards and you may find a bigger range to choose from!

Beard book

The last selection for beard gifts are books! Beard books are an inspiration and informative addition to any home library. They often cover the history and fashion evolution of beards. A great gift for the avid bearded reader. Here are a selection of the best-reviewed books on Amazon.

One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair

A witty, comprehensive history of facial hair, documenting its continuous rise and fall as a trend. With style recipes, information on care and upkeep, and hundreds of pictures of famous bearded men (and women!), One Thousand Beards provides an insightful, light-hearted, and well-groomed look at facial hair.

Bearded Gospel Men: The Epic Quest for Manliness and Godliness

s there a connection between hairiness and holiness? Some would say a hearty “Yes!” In fact, the world is in the middle of a beard mania. Events like Movember and Decembeard are becoming global movements and manly sites are appearing all over the internet. Is this just another fad? And what does it say that so many of the most famous Christian communicators have or did have a beard?

The Philosophy of Beards

Reminding us that since ancient times the beard has been an essential symbol of manly distinction, Thomas S. Gowing (whom we trust had a spectacular beard) presents a moral case for eschewing the bitter bite of the razor. He contrasts the vigor and daring of the bearded—say, lumberjacks and Lincoln—with the undeniable effeminacy of the shaven. Manliness is found in the follicles, and the modern man should not forget that “ladies, by their very nature, like everything manly,” and cannot fail to be charmed by a fine “flow of curling comeliness.” Even old men can hold on to their vitality via their beards: “The Beard keeps gradually covering, varying and beautifying, and imparts new graces even to decay, by highlighting all that is still pleasing, veiling all that is repulsive.”


There are so many awesome beard gifts for the bearded gentleman in your life that it can be hard to pick just one! However, this massive list of gifts should be enough to find a gift for almost any bearded person in your life!

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