The best beard without mustache? Our insider list!

A BEARD WITHOUT A MUSTACHE? Surely, not! In our gatekeeping society, we can often run across people that say that “a beard is not a beard unless it has a mustache”. However, don’t listen to these naysayers. There are plenty of reasons for growing a beard without a mustache and there are plenty of styles that you can choose from if you don’t want to include a mustache.

The best beards without a mustache include the Chinstrap, the soul patch, the chin curtain, the old dutch beard, mutton chops, the lincoln beard, the long goatee, and the long beard without a mustache. Patience will allow you to access beards with a longer length.

Let’s take a look at why you may not want to grow a mustache with your beard and the styles that you can choose from!

There seem to be two different sides of the beard-growing spectrum. One person who will struggle their whole life to grow a beard – while there are others who seem to sneeze and more hair pop out!

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The reasons you may want a beard without a mustache

There are plenty of reasons that you may want to grow a beard without a mustache. Perhaps you want to stand out. Maybe your mustache is patchy and you’d prefer not to add one to your face.

The best beard without mustache infographic

Maybe you’ve arrived at this article because you have accidentally shaved off your mustache and you are in damage control…if that is the case I’m sorry for your loss. I want to assure you though that all is not lost!

Style reasons

You know what…one of the best reasons to be growing a beard is to create your own style!

This is probably the only thing you need to do when growing a beard. You need to remember that the only person that needs to love your beard is you! Everyone else who loves your beard is a bonus!

Personally, I grew my beard to help solidify my personal brand. Before my beard, my head lacked contrast and I joke that I looked a little “testicular”. I do a regular vlog on LinkedIn to grow awareness of my business and grow my own personal brand.

My beard was definitely something that people saw and used to immediately identify me in the street, or at networking events. My beard has a superpower of its own.

Maybe you just want to look different. Perhaps you have always been a little quirky when it comes to your style. Whatever it is – own it! It’ll be what separate you from the pack.

Cannot grow a mustache that you are proud of

Maybe you cannot grow a mustache that you are proud of. In this case, you really only have two options. The first is to work on yourself to love your mustache. The parts of your beard that are not “normal” are the bits that make you unique.

Just look at Owen Wilson’s nose…he was told by many casting agents and agents to “fix” it. When in reality there was nothing wrong with it at all! He is now known for that nose!

That is just as true for your beard. There is nothing wrong with your mustache – it is yours and you should be proud of it!

The next thing to consider is just shaving off your mustache. This needs to be done because you want to – not because you feel like its the only option you have.

Accidentally shaved mustache

This could be an emergency situation for your beard but don’t make any rash decisions!

I recently went to a new barber and wanted my beard lined up and trimmed. One of the first things they did was buzz my mustache really short! I mean really whort. They took off about two months’ worth of mustache growing and trimming. It was my own mistake that I didn’t firstly talk with the barber enough to explain my preferred mustache length.

If you have accidentally taken off more length than you wanted to – your best option is to wait. If however, it is a real mess us and there is no way to recover – it may be a time for you to try one of these mustacheless beard styles.

Our favorite beards without a mustache.

Here is a selection of our favorite beards that lack a mustache. You’ll see that a lot of them are like the regular mustache style but simply lack hair between the nose and the upper lip.

The chinstrap

The chinstrap can be a hard style to pull off. The important aspects of this style are to select a strap thickness that isn’t too thin or too wide. Keeping the lines as neat as possible and the length short will help you pull off this style.

The connection to your headhair or how it fades to a bald head will be what takes this style to the next level!

The Soul Patch

An oldie but a goodie! This style is a minimalists dream. This style looks particularly good if kept short and tidy. The soul patch can be grown longer and cover more of the chin if desired.

Accompanying this style with a sharp sophisticated look is what can take it to the next level!

The Chin Curtain

The chin curtain is a slightly longer version of the chin strap. Make sure that your beard is well lined on top and a little longer underneath is a sure-fire way of making this beard stand out.

Although the beard can be left a little rough and ragged along the bottom – play with how long and unkempt it looks until you are happy with it.

Check out my other blog for information about beards that are thin on the cheek side.

Old Dutch Beard

The old styles are making a comeback! This style has s full chin (which is personally my favorite style) and longer sides. IT tends to be lined up on the top side and is lined a little lower on the cheeks.

Take a bit of time to grow out the chin and line it according to your face shape and this style will really pop!

Mutton Chops

Hugh Jackman really brought back the ol’ mutton chops with his character Wolverine. This beard style needs to be a little longer and bushier to make it work and then keeping the shaved parts of the beard a little rougher will help soften the bulk on the side of your face.

The Lincoln Beard

Okay, you may be thinking super hipster when you see a Lincoln beard but if you like it – go for it! The Lincoln beard is a long chinstrap beard with a rounded chin. It tends to be a little raw around the edges and shorter through the cheek areas.

This beard is good for someone who can grow a thick chin and sides. The cheeks are lined a little higher than a chin curtain beard so if you have good growth in that area this is an excellent option for you.

The Long Goatee

This style of goatee is perfect for people with strong chin growth and have a healthy sense of patience.

It’ll take 6 – 12 months for you to grow a really long goatee and you’ll have to look after it along the way. Make sure that you apply plenty of beard oil and follow the instructions in this blog post about growing a long beard!

Long Beard without the Mustache

I must admit, for my own personal tastes I love a great big busy beard. Not that I’d want to own one – I just like the look of it.

This is no different from a big bussy beard – it has just had the mustache part completely removed! Having a mustache is a bit of a pain in the arse. I need to have a napkin handy when eating drinking and breathing – as pretty much everything that could end up in my mustache does end up in my mustache.

There’s no rule to say that you can’t just remove the most annoying part from your beard.

Amish Beard

It would be remiss of me not to include the good old Amish beard in a post about beards without mustaches – wouldn’t it!

The full Amish beard is a thing of wonder and is such a recognizable part of this culture. It’s has a chin strap top line and full jaw growth that makes this beard feel very substantial but without any front growth.

You can play about with the top line of this beard. Some have the chin a little higher than that shown in the image.

Retro Sideburns

Retro is always on the comeback and if your chosen style can include retro sideburns than this option may be for you!

These have to be large but your sideburns length, shape, and lines can be as unique as you are. take the time to explore a couple of possibilities for your face and then you can work out what styles suit you the best.

The Neck Beard

Please do so this to your face. I’m all for freedom of choice but there is something about looking at this beard that makes me feel wrong inside.

It’s like someone has managed to capture the sound of nails on a chalkboard and used it to grow a beard.

Again – please do not do this!

The best shavers for keeping your mustache short

Keeping your mustache short or shaved takes a fair bit of regular shaving. You need to make sure that you don’t irritate your skin.

There’s only one thing that I recommend and it isn’t multi-blade razor cartridges!

Use this: An old school single blade razor

Do yourself a massive favor and invest in an old school double edge single blade safety razor.

I have never had an issue with ingrown hairs while using this type of razor and with a little bit of practice, this razor will give you the closest shave ever. I like that it is easy to shave right up close to the beard and that it doesn’t pull the hairs out – as multi-blade razors do.

It is cheap to buy new blades and is eco-friendly! No more plastic to landfill like the plastic cartridges. Be warned, however, you can’t simply hack away at your face like you can with modern safety razors – you’ll end up cutting up your face.

Take your time to learn the correct technique and it’ll be the best beard growing purchase you have ever made!

The final word – beard without a mustache

There we have it – you can grow a beard without a mustache and it can look good! Have fun with your new style and remember to have fun with your beard!

There seem to be two different sides of the beard-growing spectrum. One person who will struggle their whole life to grow a beard – while there are others who seem to sneeze and more hair pop out!

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