10 best beard conditioners [beyond oil and balm!]

When you are growing a beard the best thing you can do is condition your beard regularly. There are a few ways to do this. You can use beard oil, you can use beard butter, you can use a beard balm – but dod you know that you can buy a dedicated conditioner too? While all of the mention products can also conditioner your beard and are awesome at hydrating and conditioning your beard you can give it an extra boost with a product that has been specially formulated to give you beard a hydration boost. Here, we will go through all of the beard conditioners that I recommend for your beard. which will keep your beard looking frizz-free and awesome.

You should consider buying a dedicated beard conditioner if you are struggling with flaky or itchy skin under the beard or if you just haven’t found the right product to get it done. Consider using a dedicated beer conditioner in combination with beard oil, butter, and other conditioning products.

If you are in a hurry here is my favorite beard conditioner – it’s probably not one you have seen before!

In a hurry? This is the best beard conditioner

If you are in a hurry, look no further than this awesome beard conditioner from Elixrium!

Beard and stache conditioner

Elixirium’s BEARD & STACHE CONDITIONER is formulated from the ground up especially for facial hair use.
Like the entire elixirium’s BEARD & STACHE line, it is the result of months thorough research and numerous trials and errors, in order to become of super premium quality and top of the line, signature beard and mustache care products.

A carefully designed blend of vegan wax, organic butter like Shea and Coconut butter, organic Argan, Avocado, Jojoba and Castor oils along with organic Liquid Silk proteins and vitamin F are forming a rich conditioning cream which is really the key to a silky soft, vivid, properly moisturized and well-nourished and wonderfully scented glorious beard and mustache.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Liquid Silk Proteins, Shea butter, Vegan Wax, Argan oil, Coconut butter, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Castor oil, Vitamin F.

Best beard conditioners table

NameLink to product
Dr Silkmans Leave-In Beard ConditionerView on etsy
Wild man beard creamView on etsy
Beard and stache conditionerView on etsy
Viking Revolution Beard Wash & Beard ConditionerView on Amazon
Cremo Forest Blend Beard & Scruff SoftenerView on Amazon
Green Leaf Naturals Aloe Vera Beard Conditioner and SoftenerView on Amazon
ZEN Men’s Hair & Beard Leave-In Conditioner SprayView on Amazon
Woody’s Beard 2-in-1 ConditionerView on Amazon
Clubman Pinaud 2-in-1 Beard ConditionerView on Amazon
Bossman Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner to GrowView on Amazon

Beard conditioners review

It can be hard to really look at all of the products that claim to condition your beard. So, I have trawled the internet looking for the best beard conditioners for giving your beard a hydration boost! And, there are some awesome hand and small-batch options from Etsy – if you are really looking for an opportunity to spoil yourself or your loved one! Let’s take a look at the first handmade product.

Dr Silkmans Leave-In Beard Conditioner

The manufacturers of this product claim that this is the last product you will ever need – and the reviews back them up! The ingredients of this are everything that you’d want in a conditioner that contains a good mix of fatty acids and vitamins. This leave-in conditioner is worth a try if your beard is always a little bit hard to tame!

This all-natural, leave-in beard conditioner, with organic shea butter, aloe, and natural alpha-hydroxy acids gives coarse, dry, and brittle beard hair a sleek, healthy shine. Keeps the stray hairs in line while softening, smoothing, and conditioning facial hair. Very popular with the “significant other” in the bearded man’s life.

Wild man beard cream

This beard cream contains a load of really great things for your beard. This is manufactured in Oregon and is perfect for beards that are hard to tame. It does contain a little bit of beeswax so can easily replace your beard balm for the day if you need a little bit more conditioning than hold. The scent is their signature blend of Virginian Cedarwood and cold-pressed Lime with a hint of fresh Rosemary. They finish by adding just a touch of organic Lavender essential oil.

It is all natural, cruelty free and comes in a range of different varieties – the original, the nihilist, cove, raven and tundra. Users are sayng that it lasts a long time – so definitly something that should be on your “try list”.

Beard and stache conditioner

Elixirium’s BEARD & STACHE CONDITIONER is formulated from the ground up especially for facial hair use.
Like the entire elixirium’s BEARD & STACHE line, it is the result of months thorough research and numerous trials and errors, in order to become of super premium quality and top of the line, signature beard and mustache care products.

A carefully designed blend of vegan wax, organic butter like Shea and Coconut butter, organic Argan, Avocado, Jojoba and Castor oils along with organic Liquid Silk proteins and vitamin F are forming a rich conditioning cream which is really the key to a silky soft, vivid, properly moisturized and well-nourished and wonderfully scented glorious beard and mustache.

INGREDIENTS : Organic Liquid Silk Proteins, Shea butter, Vegan Wax, Argan oil, Coconut butter, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Castor oil, Vitamin F.

Viking Revolution Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner Set

Conditioning your beard should come after washing your beard so it makes sense that this comes in a dual pack together! Viking revolution has made a fantastic product combination that comes in a monster-sized pack that will last a long time! The peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils will provide a subtle but energizing scent that you’ll love! The peppermint can leave that lovely tingly fresh feeling on your face!

Cremo Forest Blend Beard & Scruff Softener

This product claims to be able to soften a scruffy and wirey beard in 30 seconds! That is a stellar performance for any product and it seems to stack up! It is a white cream that you rub into your beard, let sit for 30 seconds then rise out! So it is a bit of a different application process to a balm or butter. Make sure that you leave enough time to get it washed out and the beard dry. It has a mint fragrance which leaves a refreshing feeling on the skin and isn’t too overpowering. That means you can use it with other fragrance laden products.

  • Get touchable soft results in just 30 seconds
  • Helps soothe beard itch and dryness
  • Contains no silicone. Designed with powerful moisturizers and conditioners that penetrate thick facial hair to soften from the inside-out
  • Helps promote growth and keeps beard looking healthy
  • Fresh forest scent doesn’t overpower other fragrances.

Green Leaf Naturals Aloe Vera Beard Conditioner and Softener

This product is an aloe vera beard conditioner and softener containing 99.75% pure, cold-pressed, organic aloe vera gel in a thin-gel formula that you apply to your beard, massage in and leave. It absorbs fully and there is no need to rinse. The fact that you leave this one in for a long time means that the aloe vera can work it’s magic on your beard for as long as possible. This is an unscented product so if you are sensitive to certain essential oils or smells then this could be one of the best products for your beard. Also, no oily residue makes this product a winner!

  • YOU GET THE BEST INGREDIENTS AND NO OILY RESIDUE: Contains 99.75% pure aloe vera gel; cold pressed from farm grown aloe vera plants
  • YOUR BEARD OR GOATEE WILL ROCK WITH HEALTH: Nature’s nourishing answer to a healthy, moisturized, conditioned beard
  • NATURE’S PERFECT BEARD CONDITIONER AND MOISTURIZER: Use on facial and head hair after showers and shaving; great on bald heads, too
  • GIRLS LOVE IT – NO KIDDING: You will get more kisses and compliments from the ladies and they will adore your soft, healthy skin

ZEN Men’s Hair & Beard Leave In Conditioner Spray

This leave in conditioner has a stronger fragrance than other conditioners and is a leave in conditioner which makes it easy to use and quick to include in your morning routine. Even through the product comes in a spray bottle the thickness of the product makes it come out in more of a spray – but that doesn’t change the effectiveness of this product. It smells like sandalwood, cedar wood and under tones of vanilla which is fresh and masculine enough for daily use. Also, you can use it on your hair – if you have any…not like me, however!

  • Hydrates and Softens Hair & Beard
  • Convenient Spray that Travels Easily
  • Gentle formula can be used Daily
  • Helps with thinning around the hairline with daily use

Woody’s Beard 2-in-1 Conditioner

This leave in conditioner is the go to conditioner for a load of bearded men! Easy to use and provides a really nice conditioning! The 2- in-1 action is great as it moisturizes your skin and conditions your beard all in one. If you are a person that suffers from beardruff or itchiness under your beard – check this one out! Many barbers recommend this product and you can use it daily to condition your beard – particularly important if you wash your beard more than three times a week!

  • Prevents dry skin, leaving it refreshed
  • Cooling sensation of grapefruit
  • Keeps beard soft, no more wiry beard!

Clubman Pinaud 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner and Face Moisturizer

Another 2-in-1 for the list! If you need to moisturize your face and condition your beard then this one is for you! Formulated for those of you that have particularly bad beardruff – get this on your finger tips and apply deep into your beard making sure to apply it to the skin! It’s a thick products so can get a bit of getting use to as it requires you to distribute it evenly across the skin and beard. Nothing that a good brush after application won’t solve! If you need a good deep conditioning – give this one a go!

  • 2-IN-1 BEARD CONDITIONER AND FACE MOISTURIZER: Clubman 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner and Face Moisturizer does double-duty as a face moisturizer and beard conditioner in one formula. This lightweight rinse-out conditioner can also be used as a deep conditioning treatment for additional moisture without weighing down the hair. It will nourish and replenish moisture in every strand, after just one wash!
  • FORMULATED WITH THE PERFECT AMOUNT OF MOISTURE: This beard and facial treatment is free from harmful ingredients that bring the best out of your beard strands and can be used on your face. Feel and see the difference with touchable softness and natural sheen for noticeably healthier hair and skin. It helps discipline frizzy, fine hair for weightlessly long-lasting smooth hair with natural movement. No, weigh down. No greasy feel.
  • POWERED BY NATURE-DERIVED INGREDIENTS: Formulated with a special blend of coconut oil, soy protein, and panthenol to soothe skin and leave your beard soft and frizz-free. This emollient also works to strengthen, condition, soften your beard while promoting growth and will prevent the buildup of bacteria on the skin and reduce the risk of acne and pimples! It’s meant to be used as a daily formula that will eventually relax any beard and skin!
  • TIME-SAVING: The Clubman 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner and Face Moisturizer replenishes moisture and aids as a natural detangler by adding slip to the hair to save a lot of time when detangling. This allows you to comb through the hair without the fuss, making this a go-to conditioner for men that have sensitive scalps and who loathe wash-day!

Bossman Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner to Grow

If you have tried everything – beard oils, balms and butters – and nothing has left your beard as good as you want it to feel – well, maybe this is the right product for you! The manufacturer recommended way to use is to lightly wash your beard every day with beard soap. Then I deep cleanse 2-3 times a week with the Intense Fortify Conditioner.

  • GROW YOUR BEARD QUICKER, FULLER, AND TAMER – Carefully chosen natural oils moisturize the beard, facial hair follicles and pores to stimulate beard growth and thickness for a refined, polished and seductive look. Helps your beard grow faster and thicker.
  • TARGET THE PORES, NOT JUST THE HAIR – Most products, like balm, only target the hair itself and do not focus on the most important part of your beard: the hair follicles and pores. Bossman Brands’ Fortify Conditioner cream contains moisturizers and natural oils that target the beard at its source to create a healthier base which in turn creates a fuller and more mature looking beard.
  • POWERFUL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – These powerful results come from the active nourishing ingredients such as Mango Butter, Betaine, Avocado Oil, Aloe Leaf, Jojoba Esters, Argan Oil……AND MORE!
  • MAGIC SCENT – Warm and intoxicating blend of rich sandal wood and vanilla oils that creates a clean base intended to highlight the bergamont, patchouli and frankincense accents. It was the “original” Bossman Scent for a reason. This scent is perfect for close encounters, special occasions and the days when your beard needs to be as smooth as you are.
  • MADE IN THE USA, NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS, ALL NATURAL – Bossman Fortify Beard Softener Conditioner is ready to become a staple in your beard grooming routine.

So there we have all of the beard conditioners that you can buy. There are so many different types of beard conditioners in this list that I think you’ll find one that works perfectly for your skin and beard! From leave-in, wash out, and comb through you’ll also find a range of beard conditioners that will work really well for any type of morning routine. Need you to be out in a hurry? Then go for a 2-in-1 leave-in conditioner. Got a bit more time? Then deep hydration with a gel works well – maybe it can be a weekend treat for you and your beard!

Of course, you can also choose to make your own beard softener. There are plenty of easy recipes online that you can follow. All you need is a little confidence and some high school chemistry knowledge (well, if you can mix and weight things you’ll be fine!) and you’ll be able to whip up a batch in no time!

Beard softener homemade

There is something awesome about making your very own products. You can tailor them to your exact needs and whip up small batches so you can try as many different formulations a needed to find the perfect one for your beard. Here, we’ll go through the most popular homemade beard softeners and you see exactly how easy it to make them!

Coconut milk and lemon juice

This is a really simple recipe:

  1. One glass of coconut milk
  2. Juice of one lemon

Mix the coconut milk with the lemon and allow to sit in the fridge for about one hour. Then apply the mixture to your beard hair and allow it to sit in it for about 20 minutes. You can cover your beard with a beard shower cap – look at this one on Amazon – to keep as much product in the hair as possible.

Once you have allowed it to sit in the hair for about 20 minutes you can wash it out with a mild product or just use water. Repeat this process about once every couple of weeks and your beard will look fabulous.

Use an egg

As strange as it may sound the yolk of an egg may be the perfect solution to your dull beard. The white can also be used to help cleanse your beard hair. Eggs are found in nearly every home and the effects can be seen after one treatement. Here’s how it works:

  1. Crack one egg into a small bowl and beat it until it runs smooth ant it in not lumpy
  2. Wet your beard fully
  3. Dip your beard in the egg yolk and use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the egg
  4. Let it sit in your beard hair for at least 20 minutes
  5. Wash your beard with shampoo and conditioner as usual – however, don’t use too high a heat as you could end up with scrambled egg in your beard!

Use an avocado mask

Avocado has natural fats that nourish your hair. They contain natural oils and the good fats that are good to eat too! Avocado is a great source of biotin which can help hair and nails grow. A 2015 study found that the minerals found in avocado oil may help seal certain hair cells causing it to look shiny. Here’s how it works:

  1. Mash an avocado until it is smooth
  2. Wet your beard fully
  3. Spread the avocado oil on your beard hair and use a wide-tooth comb to distribute it.
  4. Let it sit in your beard hair for at least 20 minutes
  5. Wash your beard with shampoo and conditioner as usual.

You can also add other ingredients to this beard mask such as coconut oil, olive oil, egg, Aloe, banana, honey, and oatmeal. Each of these additions has it’s own benefits – so feel free to play about with a mask that helps your beard!

Try a deep hydration treatment

Deep Hydration facial and beard treatments take time but the good news is that you can do all of them at home. This is what a home treatment deep hydration treatment looks like:

  1. Get a hot towel ( as hot as you can stand) and wrap it around your face and beard – leave it for two to five minutes.
  2. Buy a good leave-in conditioner and use a thumb tip amount and liberally apply to every area on your beard – work it deep with your fingertips
  3. Use a wide-toothed comb to word the conditioner (homemade or bought) deep into your beard and to the surface of your skin.
  4. Place a shower cap over your beard and leave it for 20 minutes – this will ensure maximum absorption
  5. Rinse your beard with water and towel dry your beard
  6. Add 5 drops of beard oil to your palm and work it through your beard
  7. Follow up with a beard balm or butter if you want to

These seven steps should leave your beard feeling hydrated like never before. Feel free to repeat these steps as often as you feel that your beard is getting dull.

Now let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions about beard conditioning.

Frequently asked questions about beard conditioning

Choosing the right beard conditioners and making sure that you use them correctly are what will make your beard condition work the best! Here are some common questions that people have when they are considering buying a beard conditioner.

What are the benefits of beard conditioners?

It can be confusing with beard oils, butters, balms and waxes. Why would you need a product that specifically conditions the beard. Unlike other products that also provide a styling and hold component – beard conditioners are formulated for maximum nourishment for your beard.

Here are some of the best reasons that you should consider using a dedicated beard conditioner:

  • It nourishes and moisturizes the beard – one of the biggest benefits to your beard – it makes it lovely and soft and will make your wirey hair much easier to manage.
  • It helps softens the stubble on the face – If you are not one for growing a long beard but prefer to keep it close to the skin the it’ll help soften the ends of the hairs and make it way less spikey!
  • Imparts a healthy shine – A well-conditioned beard is one with a nice healthy shine to it. If you want to find out more tips and tricks to making your beard shine – check out my other article.
  • It makes combing and styling easier – having hair that doesn’t grip the comb and sits well after it is brushed into place is an achievable outcome if you use a beard conditioner regularly.
  • It reduces irritation and dry skin – the skin under a beard is not easy to look after. However, the regular use of a conditioner will leave the skin nourished and irritation-free. If you are worried about bacteria and a smelly beard you can also use a beard conditioner with essential oil that has antibacterial properties.
  • They leave a nice fragrance The last and maybe one of the strongest effects noticed by others is that a good beard conditioner will leave your beard smelling lovely! Choose a beard conditioner that has a smell that you like and, if you have a significant other, make sure that they also like the smell! There is nothing quite like a lovely smelling product!

So, there are the main benefits of using beard conditioner on your beard!

Can I use hair conditioner on my beard?

Absolutely you can use hair conditioner on your beard – but it probably will not give you as good as results as using a conditioner that has been specially formulated for beards. The scalp is a much oilier place than your face and so the conditioners that are made for head hair do not do as much as you need them to do.

The hair on your face needs a beard conditioner specially formulated for a less oily part of your head. So it’s better to use a beard conditioner.

If you want to use your hair conditioner on your beard I recommend that you use a conditioner formulated for dry head hair. That will make it more suited to the conditions on your face.

Can I wash my beard with just water?

Yes, you can wash your beard with just water and many men do just that. You’ll have to pay careful attention to the sort of water that is in your area. Some water is better than others for cleaning hair. With regular water only bathing routine you do not run the risk of drying out your beard through the use of harsh soaps. But, you don’t have the deep cleaning power that is required for getting the wax and other grime out of your hair. If you want to use no shampoo you could use bicarb soda in your beard to see if that gives you the cleaning power you need!

Why is my beard hair so rough?

Rough beard hair is a symptom of dry malnourished beard hair. You should consider using a conditioner and other leave in product until you get a nice soft supple beard. Try all of the ones in this list until you find one that leaves your beard feeling as great as you want it to. You don’t have to settle for a rough beard – there are plenty of options for getting it looking awesome and soft!

What home remedy can I use to make my beard soft

Check out the section above where I go through all of my favorite homemade beard conditioning recipes – click here to scroll to that section.

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