How can I rejuvenate my beard? The 4 Pillars

No matter what we try, sometimes lower beards can look dull, dry, and in need of some urgent attention. Rejuvenating your beard can be done at home and cheaply. For a little bit of time investment, you will turn your beard from lacklustre to one you are proud of.

You can rejuvenate your beard by hydrating and conditioning the beard using products such as Shea butter, rejuvenating the beard from deep within using a deep scrub and high-frequency comb and rejuvenating the skin underneath using a toner and moisturiser.

Some interventions for your beard can quickly turn problems on their head.

During your beard growing journey, the most important thing to do is lay the appropriate foundations of your beard routine and look after your health. If your body is not operating as efficiently and as healthily as possible, it will always show externally on your beard.

The four key pillars to rejuvenate your beard

There are four key components to rejuvenating your beard quickly and holistically. These four components include:

  • rejuvenating the beard hair – using products to return moisture and nutrients deep within the hair shaft.
  • Rejuvenating the hair follicles – using deep scrubbing techniques and a high-frequency comb to kill bacteria deep inside the beard.
  • Rejuvenating the skin – ensuring that the skin underneath the beard is well moisturised and conditioned.
  • Looking after your body – rejuvenating your health is an investment that will be well worth the effort you put in.

Let’s take a look in greater detail at how you can achieve the best for your beard using these four pillars of rejuvenation. No matter how bad your beard has become, you’ll be able to return it to an all-time high by tackling each one of these areas.

Rejuvenate the beard hair

Rejuvenating your beard hair must become a priority of your daily routine.

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Whenever I want to rejuvenate my beard, I always look at the individual ingredients in beard products. I have found that quick results are possible if you hone in on the exact products that will benefit your beard.

Here are my favourites.

Shea butter

Shea butter is derived from the Shea tree’s nuts. At room temperature, the raw form has an off white colour and is solid.

Shea trees are native to Africa and have been utilised for medicinal purposes for ages.

The shea butter has so many awesome properties that it would be silly not to buy a beard butter that has this as one of its main components:

  • It can help you beat beard dandruff – In 2018, a study found that when used in combination with other products, it helps reduce flakes.
  • It may help hair get stronger – Similar plant-based butter has been shown to make hair much more resistant to breakages
  • It is antibacterial and antifungal – if your beard is smelling or you have some issues with a dirty beard. Shea butter will help fight off the bacteria that are in your beard. Want more about beard bacteria? Check out this article all about beard bacteria.
  • Can add slight sun protection to your beard hair – If you live in a sunny and hot environment, shea butter ats an extra layer of sun protection that has been estimated to provide a 3 – 4 SPF protection.

These properties mean that it is amazing to use as often as you want on your beard!

Argan oil

Argan oil is natural plant oil derived from the kernels of the Argan tree’s fruit. The Argan tree is native to Morocco, but it has spread across the globe because of its oils properties and popularity.

Argan oil is found in a range of different beard oils and is known to contain about 98% of fats which can get into the main shaft of the hair.

All you have to do to use Argan oil is use it as a beard oil. After showering, apply the argan oil. 3–5 drops of beard oil should be placed in the palm of your hand.

Rub it into your beard by rubbing it between your hands in downward motions.

First and foremost, consider the direction of your beard’s growth. Then, against the growth, massage the oil into the underside of your beard. During the application, don’t rub for too long – just long enough to distribute evenly!

Brush your beard softly and shape it the way you want it to sit throughout the day.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient that you can either eat or apply topically to the surface of your beard hair.

According to some, using vitamin E oil regularly can help replenish the shine that can be lost due to beard damage and ageing of the hair.

Vitamin E oil can also stop beard oils from becoming rancid through oxidation and dramatically increases the shelf-life of beard oil.

So, if you’re producing your own beard oil, consider adding a few drops of vitamin E oil. This is pretty important if you’re creating a large quantity and plan to keep it for a few months before opening a new bottle.

Vitamin E is available in beard care products, but it can also be obtained through food. Leafy greens, nuts and seeds, vegetable oil, and fortified cereals are all high in vitamin E.

Leave-in conditioner

There are plenty of leave-in conditioners for beards that can quickly rejuvenate even the driest of beards.

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best beard conditioners

Using a dedicated beard conditioner means that you will be able to nourish and moisturise the beard and reduce irritation and dry skin all in one go.

Selecting the appropriate leave-in conditioner for your beard will help rejuvenate it quicker than any other method.

Leave in conditioners often have many symbiotic ingredients in their formulation that can help absorption and penetration various ingredients.

Beard mask

Making a mask for your beard necessitates a more natural approach.

Some of the best home remedies are to make your beard soft are banana and honey, coconut oil, mashed avocado and lemon juice.

You can also buy an aloe vera gel to place on your beard.

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How to make beard soft home remedies

Coconut oil beard mask

Coconut oil is an excellent way to achieve silky beard hair. It looks great on any beard, whether it’s long, short, dark, grey, or any other combination.

This natural oil is high in fatty acids, which penetrate deep into the beard hair, conditioning it and making it feel great.

Researchers discovered in 2015 that coconut oil has a strong affinity for hair proteins and a unique capacity to penetrate deep into the hair shaft after reviewing various studies. This penetration is a crucial aspect in making this a fantastic beard cure at home.

How to use coconut oil:

  • Coconut oil can be used as a conditioner. Coconut oil can be used in place of standard beard conditioner. It’s a wonderful addition that I’ve used in my DIY beard oils and balms. After shampooing your hair, use this and rinse it off with water.
  • If you require a more intensive treatment, rub a teaspoon or two into your beard hair and let it on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse with shampoo and water. If you require a deep hydration treatment, you can even keep it in for a long time.

If the coconut oil has solidified, gently heat it in a warm water bath to re-liquefy it and make it much easier to deal with.

Rejuvenate the hair follicles

Working with the hair follicles underneath the beard will help keep your beard growing strong.

Ensuring that enough blood and nutrients are flowing to the base of the beard hair will help keep the follicles healthy and strong.

Pumping out beard hair is an energy-intensive process, and ensuring the follicles are operating at their best with the fuel they need will help significantly.

Deep scrub

Scrubbing deeply with your fingertips or a comb such as a wide-toothed plastic or wooden comb will help remove the dirt and grime from deep within the beard.

While using your comb or your fingers, you have two ensure that you are touching the base of the hairs and skin to stimulate growth and remove any old and built-up sebum.

The buildup of sebum can happen in medium and long beards that are not combed or washed deeply enough, regularly enough.

If you feel like your beard is starting to smell, deep scrub with a hard wide-tooth comb will be how you can get to the root of the problem.

High-frequency comb

High-frequency therapy is a nonsurgical hair treatment used on the scalp and the face. It can also combine UV rays to purify the depths of your beard further.

A high-frequency beard comb is a comb that creates a high-frequency electromagnetic pulse when plugged into an outlet. The high frequency kills any bacteria on the skin and in between the hairs, creating a healthier environment throughout your entire beard.

The high frequency can also vibrate the skin and cause tingling, which is the opening of blood vessels and improving circulation on the skin’s surface.

Some of the reported benefits include:

  • Revitalising hair – improves blood circulation hairs.
  • Prevents dandruff energy scalp – high-frequency stimulates the scalp and the oil-producing glands, which helps keep your beard nourished.
  • New cell generation – this treatment may help to generate new cells and exfoliate older cells. It improves cellular turnover.

This wand is a very safe treatment as studies have shown that the frequency does not have any side effects other than hair becoming a little bit drier after treatment.

You can use a high-frequency comb three times a week, and you will start noticing effects after about 12 consecutive treatments – or about a month of use.

Rejuvenate the skin

Rejuvenating the skin under the beard will also help you keep it healthy and hydrated.

Beard dandruff can readily occur when the skin under the beard is ignored.

Here are all the steps to ensure that the skin under your beard is rejuvenated.


Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a substance that has a little bit of grit to scrub the surface of the skin. Exfoliation can also be achieved using chemicals or a specific physical tool.

Every 30 days or so, your skin will lose dead skin cells; however, these dead cells may not shed fully, leaving your skin looking dull and flaky. Exfoliation of skin cells can also get trapped in the depths of your beard for the bearded gentlemen.

Exfoliating the beard using a good brush and a deep shampoo will help prevent dead skin cells from becoming trapped and generating difficulties like odour or itching.

Your skin will feel rejuvenated and seem more radiant as a result of this treatment.


Toner is used to eliminate any remaining debris, grime, or pollutants in your pores after you’ve washed and exfoliated your face. When you use toner as part of your daily skincare routine, it can dramatically improve the appearance of your face and minimise your pores.

Toning was created to remove soap scum from the face, but it is no longer necessary for people who use modern soaps. If you get toner in your beard hair, it will not harm it. Using a toner as part of a facial once or twice a month is an excellent way to reduce dirt and grime before applying other products like moisturisers and beard oils and balms.

Rejuvenate your body

The last pillar to properly rejuvenate your beard is to look after your body and health.

I always find that the rejuvenation of my body requires these components:

  • sleep – getting a good amount of sleep every single night means that your body has the energy reserves to work for you growing your beard. Also, it is important that your body gets repaired during a good amount of sleep.
  • Diet – eating healthily is an absolute bedrock foundation to growing a fantastic looking beard.
  • Exercise – moving my body regularly keeps it working efficiently. I recently took up running which has allowed me to improve my fitness and, I believe, the quality and density of my beard.

How can I rejuvenate my beard? Final Word

This article has been over everything you need to know about rejuvenating your beard from the skin all the way to the tips of the hair.

There are many home remedies that you can use to ensure your beard goes from dull and lifeless to shiny and lustrous. The good thing is that most of them will cost you very little other than inexpensive products and a bit of time!

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