Kissing With A Beard [A full Guide]

Believe it or not, kissing with a beard is a common topic of conversation among women and men. Different items are involved in kissing with a beard, such as preferences, hygiene, and comfortability. If you are a gentleman with a beard or someone curious about kissing a person with one, keep reading this article!

Kissing with a beard will depend on a person’s preference. It is not the same experience for everyone but for those who find themselves very attracted to men with facial hair, it is pleasant and fun due to the tickling of the hair, but it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for those that are not.

Most people who grow a beard are hoping that it will increase their perceived attractiveness to the opposite sex. However, in my experience, beards are something that people either love or hate. A large part of whether or not someone dislikes a beard is how it feels. One of my friends hates it when he touches my beard whilst others can’t keep their hands off it.

In this article, we will discover exactly how you kiss with a beard, how you can make it much more pleasant for the person kissing the bearded person and some tips and tricks along the way.

On my YouTube channel, I asked whether or not kissing was better worse or no different with a beard. This is what 292 votes set about that…

You can see that for about quarter of the people they find having a beard resulted in better kissing stop however, 40% of respondents said that it was worse whilst 36% found no difference.

Can you kiss with a beard?

You can absolutely kiss a person with a beard. Kissing a person with a beard is a little bit more of a positional problem than kissing without a beard. By pushing the lips more forward and focusing on the bottom lip it is much easier to kiss a person with a beard.

In my recent YouTube video, I talk about kissing being the most embarrassing thing about growing a beard.

As I was growing a beard I quickly noticed that the hair became a little bit of an obstacle to my lips. Maybe in the first few months, it didn’t seem as obvious but soon as the hair was able to past the top of my lip it became a little bit more tricky.

Now that I have a full beard and a relatively large moustache I find that kissing passionately can be done – it just takes a little bit of a different technique.

The most important parts of kissing with a beard are:

  • focusing on kissing the bottom lip – if you have a beard you should tell your kissing partner to focus on your bottom lip stop this means that they will be able to avoid the majority of the prickliness from hair is growing on your upper lip.
  • Push out your lips – if you only want a quick peck you have to make more of an effort to push out your lips. The lips have to be pushed out beyond the length of the growing beard hairs. Be careful, however, because pushing out your lips can cause the hairs to stand up and become more spiky – just like a hedgehog extending its spikes.
  • Keep it clean – making sure that your beard remains clean and kissable is one of the most important things. I shampoo and condition my beard at least once every couple of days to ensure that it smells nice.
  • Ask your partner their favourite smell – ask your partner to smell your beard products. Do they particularly like any sort of fragrance of any particular product. As you wear beard product throughout the day you quickly get used to the smell. However, for someone coming in for a quick kiss the smell quickly stands out. Choosing their favourite smell will ensure a nicer kissing experience.

For someone who has to kiss a man with a beard, you should communicate to them your preferences about kissing and suggest that you try a number of different techniques so that you both get more comfortable with kissing – whether it is just a pack or a passionate snog.

Another important thing to remember is that you don’t necessarily always have to kiss on the lips!

Even though having a Beard means that the lips are a little bit more of skilled a bearded person can kiss many other places on the human body which may provide a little bit more of a tickle than without a beard – that may be just what the doctor ordered!

Kissing With A Beard [A full Guide]

What Is The Experience Of Kissing A Man With A Beard?

To some, it is the most passionate and attractive feature of a man. However, for others, the kissing experience can cause facial redness, itchiness, or an uncomfortable moment if the beard has a weird smell. There is not much data found for this topic in specific, but we can find some popular opinions and professional explanations. Some of the explanations provided are that women, historically, associate men with facial hair as strong, independent, and wise. For men, growing a beard can make them look older, as well as more appealing, and for those whose skin gets irritated by shaving, it is a significant relief. The pleasantness of kissing a man with a beard is influenced by several factors.

Kissing With A Beard – Is It Hygienic Or Not?

According to a laboratory analysis started by a television station in Albuquerque, N.M, beards can be dirtier than toilets if the individual doesn’t take care of them properly. Don’t let this information alarm you; many people are attracted to beards and feel comfortable around them. People on the other side of the spectrum don’t like beards because they don’t find them appealing, hygienic, or are afraid of getting a beard burn from the friction of kissing their partner.

When you think about hygiene, you might be thinking of someone taking a shower, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, and wearing decent clean clothes. Men should take extra care of their faces when having a beard, a mustache, or any form of facial hair. Not having a clean beard makes you more susceptible to getting bacteria in your system through your mouth and nose. Keeping it groomed, nicely shaped, and clean will make men less susceptible to carrying bacteria around, and the kissing experience will be more enjoyable for you and your partner.

Tips For Keeping A Beard Groomed And Kissable

There is no one size fits all approach to taking good care of a body, just as not everyone has the same skin condition. Here are some tips that men can use if they are looking to keep their beards kissable and hygienic. These tips are not magic and might not work for every man in the same way, but they are great starting points to have a good-looking and clean beard.

Let It Grow Evenly

We all know patience is not a quality every human being possesses, and the process of having a groomed beard can be annoying, but you have to be patient. If you are not a hairy man, the process can take longer, but it usually takes 3 to 6 weeks for facial hair to grow out and look even. This means that you shouldn’t trim it until you have enough hair to make it look nice according to the style you are going for. If you wonder how to make the hair grow faster, remember everyone is different, and it is a process that takes time. Drinking water, keeping a balanced diet, exercising, and taking care of yourself, are good practices to help your hair grow.

Wash It On A Regular Basis

Washing your beard every other day and having it groomed is beneficial for your health and your partner’s as well. Keeping it clean will remove any dead cells on the skin, wash away food remains and remove most of the bacteria that can lay on it. Besides facial hair, there is also the skin underneath to take care of and provide good conditioning. Skincare and cleansing products should be part of your regular routine. Men, especially those with a beard, should have a skincare regimen to maintain the skin underneath healthy. Additionally, you can buy beard oil formulated with jojoba, argan, or whichever works for your beard to keep it shiny and moisturized.

Try not to wash your beard too much as it can easily dry out your beard by removing too many of the natural oils that build up the base of the hair.!

Soften the hair

If you want to know more about how to make your beard less prickly check out my other article – but I go through everything you need to know about softening up your beard. Click here to be taken to article.

How to make your beard less prickly in a flash!

There are a number of reasons why beards are wiry and prickly. The most common reasons are that you have had a recent trim, and that your beard is dry and wiry.

If you have recently trimmed the ends of the long beard you may also experience prickly hairs on the extremities of your beard hairs and along the defined lines that you have trimmed into your beard.

As hairs grow they naturally taper to a point. If you trim them the tapered point gets replaced with a harsh end. This harsh end can feel prickly to the touch. The harsh cut and of the hair doesn’t last too long as weathering and exposure to other environmental conditions will slowly soften the ends of the hair.

So, if you’ve recently had a trim – fear not – it will probably clear up with a little bit of patience and a little bit of leave in conditioner or diligent shampooing.

One of the most important things your hair should retain is moisture. Beards can dry out for a variety of reasons and this turns them into incredibly wiry and untamed messes.

You should aim to replenish the moisture in your beard regularly with all sorts of techniques and products. One of the primary reasons people’s beard hair dries out is that they aggressively use heat treatments to straighten or blowdry their hair into a particular style or shape. Also, environmental conditions like harsh UV rays, cold or excessively hot winds can easily strip the moisture from your beard.

To combat this, you should look at all of the different options available to you in terms of the products which will return the moisture and nutrients to your beard. This includes beard oil, beard balm, beard butters, and leave in conditioners.

Each of these products has their positives and negatives and if you want a full rundown on the best dry beard solutions to soften hair you should check out my other article – dry beard solutions – 16 options, my favourite is number five!

dry beard solutions

Training The Beard

After identifying what beard style matches your face shape and being comfortable with what you have chosen, you’ll need to train your beard to maintain the style. Even though this sounds like training a pet or preparing someone for a play, trimming the beard after choosing a style will help you maintain its shape and keep it lined up. To do this, you should brush or comb your beard after your washing routine. What this does is train the hair to grow downward. Brushing and combing the beard will also help stimulate circulation around the area for growth and prevent ingrown hairs.

Training your moustache will be one of the most important parts of keeping the hair out of the way. In my experience, and intermediate length beard seems to be the most problem.

Having a short moustache means that you can keep your hair is short enough that they don’t cover your top lip. However, having a really long moustache means that you can wax it out of the way of your top lip.

If you want to ensure that your beard and moustache remains super kissable you should aim for one of these extremes. Having a medium length moustache tends to be the most awkward for kissing.

To find out more about training your beard check out my YouTube video, below.

Were You Kissing Your Partner And Got “Beard Burn”?

Beard burn, also known as “stache rash,” results from the skin irritation caused by the hair friction against the area in contact. This friction can cause extreme irritation, pain, and sensitivity. Results from beard burn will appear after a make-out session, or you will notice some redness on the spot where there was contact. Some of the symptoms are red skin, rash, painful bumps, warm and dry skin; also, if your skin is susceptible, the affected area can get very swollen.

If you get a beard burn, it’s probable you will last a week or two with the sensation and some redness, depending on the severity of the beard burn.

Is There A Way To Prevent Beard Burn?

If you are kissing with a beard and want to prevent your partner from getting beard burn, believe it or not, the longer the hair, the minor the damage. What causes the reaction of friction is the short or growing hair that warms up the area. Try sticking out your lips more and less face rubbing.

If Prevention Doesn’t Work

If your partner still gets beard burned due to skin sensitivity, here are some tips to get the irritation under control:

  • Medication prescribed by a dermatologist. This will reduce the condition faster.
  • Moisturizing creams with Aloe vera to keep the area refreshed and hydrated.
  • Vaseline to decrease irritation and redness and prevent breakouts.

Popular Comments About Kissing With A Beard

It is no secret that some women’s weakness is hairy men, especially those with a medium to long beard. That manly, strong, and lumberjack look gives you a mysterious and seductive feeling that just makes you fall straight into his arms and kiss him. The tickling sensation you get on your lips while kissing a man with a beard makes you get chills all over your body. Kissing a man with a beard is not only sexy, but it is also a romantic and playful moment you can have with your partner. The most trendy comment is that people who love men with a beard are fascinated with their way of kissing and the way they make you feel in other areas.


Kissing with a beard can be very attractive, but to others, it can be a complete turn-off due to its consequences on your skin. If you are a man and planning on letting your beard grow, remember that you should be taking care of it daily. Washing it, combing, brushing, and keeping it trimmed will maintain your beard’s hygiene and style.

Keep in mind that utilizing a skincare routine is also helpful to keep the facial hair healthy and the skin underneath the hair well treated. That can also be beneficial to avoid painful ingrown hairs. If you are kissing someone with a beard, it is not guaranteed that at some point, you are not going to get a beard burn, but with some of the tips provided here, you can enjoy the kissing and know what to do in case it happens.

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