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7 ways to keep beard hairs from sticking out

As your beard gets longer and longer, it gets harder to maintain the shape and style. There are many reasons why your beard hair can quickly become out of shape on your face and why the individual hairs may not behave themselves. In this article, we will go over all of the things you can do about keeping beard hairs from sticking out of the lines of your beard. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to keep your beard in shape!

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The ultimate guide for a beard cowlick

A beard cowlick is something very difficult and annoying to deal with. Having a spiral in your beard and a pattern of growth fixed in a circular form quickly ruins the lines and shape. Perhaps you have tried shaving off, dousing it in all sorts of products, or maybe you have accepted that this natural imperfection is something that gives you a personal style, and you have embraced it fully.

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Can beards smell? [Causes and simple solutions]

No problem is more embarrassing or obvious than a beard that smells. Beards can smell like many things, onions, vomit, smoke, and have musty overtones – sometimes all simultaneously! It is not always necessarily hygiene issues either that cause a bad smell. Can beards smell? Yes, they can! But there’s more to it than that!

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What does beard oil do? [Everything you need to know]

When growing a beard, you will inevitably come across beard oil. But what does beard oil do? I hadn’t heard about beard oil until three months into my beard growing journey. I was never one for buying styling products – even when I had hair. That all changed when I spoke to a friend and asked for some beard advice. The first thing that came out of his mouth was “Buy some beard oil”. I promptly went out and purchased some unscented beard oil. From that day on haven’t looked back. Here I want to share with you all of the awesome things that beard oil does and why you should buy (or make) some for your morning routine!

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Should you straighten your beard? The pros and cons

Growing a beard is becoming more popular than ever. But when you think about growing a beard, you don’t think about it growing out in a curly and unkempt way. As you are proceeding down your beard growing journey, it becomes obvious that your beard will take a little bit of taming. The extra length can lead to beard growers wanting to straighten their beards. So, should you straighten your beard? Let’s find out.

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How does beard growth increase with age? [Each stage explained]

As you grow a beard, you become acutely aware of its changes in length. Sometimes, it can feel like watching paint dry in the early days, but what about as you grow older? Does beard growth increase with age? Or do you have to wait longer for your beard to grow as you get older? Here we’ll go through the science and the experiences of men who are growing beards

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The secrets to growing a beard faster for teenagers

Waiting for puberty to hit so you can grow a beard can be frustrating. When I was about 13 or so, I knew that I couldn’t wait to shave. I used to lie about it to my friends and say that I was shaving when, in reality, the fuzz on my upper lip didn’t appear. Growing a beard is something that many teenagers want to do as it is a signal to the world that you have entered manhood. So, if you cannot grow the beard you want, how can you grow a beard faster for a teenager?

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how often trim beard when growing

How often should you trim your beard when it’s growing?

Growing your beard competes with trimming your beard. But when you have got a long beard in mind, the question is: How often should you trim your beard while it is growing? Surely you’d like it to look neat and presentable as it grows, but how much is too much to take off? Here we’ll look at how often you should trim your beard as it is growing out!

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