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How do you use Honest Amish beard soap? [Full guide]

How do you use Honest Amish beard soap? [Full guide]

One of the first purchases I made for my beard was honest Amish beard soap. This soap came highly recommended online, and I couldn’t wait to try it for myself. I compared Honest Amish beard soap with beard brands beard wash on my YouTube channel and discovered that I preferred the honest Amish beard soap.

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How do you kiss someone with facial hair - Beard growing pro

How do you kiss someone with facial hair?

Some people love it whilst others absolutely hate it. As a bearded person, I have had my fair share of reactions. Some people have said that they feel incredibly sorry for my partner having to kiss a beard. Whilst for other people it makes no difference. Kissing with a beard can be relatively tricky because you have to navigate the hair that can get caught in between lips.

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How should I sleep with a beard

How should I sleep with a beard? [Full Guide]

On average, humans spend approximately 26 years of their lives sleeping. According to the National Centre on sleep disorders research, this translates into about one third of a person’s total lifetime. It is therefore very important to make sure that your beard is protected during the one third of your life where you are not actively caring for it. It can be very easy to smash your beard into the pillow and twist and turn causing breakages and strain on your beard.

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How do I refresh my beard

How do I refresh my beard? [9 simple options]

The daily wear and tear on a beard can easily make it look dull and lifeless. Alternatively, on the other end of the spectrum, your daily activities may actually make it look wilder and frizzier. In my experience, my beard very quickly becomes dry and sticks out due to increased frizziness. Refreshing a beard in the middle of the day or at the end of an action-packed weekend is surprisingly simple as long as you know the simple tricks to get your beard looking shiny and healthy quickly.

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Do mustaches affect kissing

Do mustaches affect kissing? [My experience!]

I was lucky enough to have a long-term partner before growing a beard. Luckily for me she was incredibly understanding about me wanting to grow a mustache and therefore we were able to slowly adapt to the new style and type of kissing that we can do as my mustache grew. o, do mustaches affect kissing?

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What should I put in my beard overnight

What should I put in my beard overnight? [Full Guide]

Protecting your beard with products is one of the best ways to ensure strong and healthy growth. I know that when I started using Beard balm and dedicated Beard shampoo my Beard improved dramatically. However, all of the different products and maintenance tasks can take up a fair bit of time. That’s when you can maximise your time efficiency by putting products in your beard overnight.

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Can less sleep cause beard loss

Can less sleep cause beard loss? [Science tips and more]

Sleep is a very important part of maintaining a healthy body. Chronic sleep deficiency which is either an inadequate amount of sleep or sleep that is out of sync with your circadian rhythm is a key factor in determining your health status. There is no doubt that the lack of sleep contributes to a number of important fundamental changes in your immune system and neurology that play a role in disease development.

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