Recommended tools

This is everything you need to keep your beard looking sharp and maintained!

Here are all of the tools that I have used and recommend for people concerned with keeping their beard at its best. You’ll need to have a combination of heavy lifting tools – like the Wahl clippers, for major shaping. And then, small tools, like trimmers and scissors and shavers for the finer details of your beard and its lines. 

Check them all out here:

Beard trimmers and clippers

Wahl Clippers

What I love about these clippers: I use these clippers every week or fortnight when I do a major trim of my beard. The clippers are solid in construction and have never failed me. I have cleaned and oiled the cutters reguarly and expect them to last for many years to come. They are heavy duty enough that I don’t flatten the hair as it goes – it just cuts right through it. 

What I don’t like about these clippers: I think these clippers are the best value that you can buy. If I had to choose what I would improve it would be the cord – it is heavy duty but can tangle easily – but don’t they all?

Braun Trimmer

What I love about these trimmers: This trimmer is perfect for lining up your beard and using daily to catch any loose hairs. The attachments are perfect for putting the little details in to your beard – like close trimming your neck and cheeks.  

Wahl Shaver

This is perfect for neck trimming. The Wahl super close leaves your skin silky smooth and isn’t harsh. My barber reguarly uses this on my head too – so if you are balding it is the perfect way to keep the shaved bits of your beard close!

Beard Brushes and Combs

ZilberHaar Beard Brush

Don’t overthink this section. But a good boar bristle brush will make sure that you can tame your beard easily. 

The added stiffness of the bristles mean that it can take and tuck in thise pesky fly aways with ease. 

Kent Fine Tooth Beard Comb

I carry a plastic comb everywhere I go to give my beard those last little touch-ups and prunes throughout my day. 

In reality, any cheep plastic comb will do but I found this one to be strong, solid and well manufactured. 

With daily use you probably need something that’ll stand up to being thrown in and out of your bag or pocket. This is the one for that!

Safety razor and scissors

Anself Safety Razor

Forget all about cartridge razors! Once I went to a old school double edged safety razor like this one – I never looked back! 

It has cut down on my plastic waste. Allowed me to get a closer shave than ever before! 

There is a little bit of a learning curve. If you use it like a cartridge razor you’ll cut yourself up something chronic! Learn to use this and reap the rewards!

Professional scissors

If your beard is starting to get long a good pair of scissors will allow you to put those final details in place and add millimeter precision to your style. 

I’ve messed around with a load of cheap scissors in the past and nothing compares to investing in a good quality pair that you can trust to cut exactly where you want them to cut! 

Beard oils, balm and waxes

Beard oil and waxes are very much a personal choice. You need to consider smell, ingredients and price. You can even go as far as making your own. It’s not as hard as you think – you buy the raw ingredients and mix them in the ratios that are best for you! 

Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner – unscented

If you want to first test out a beard oil, look no further than this one! 

It is unscented and so allow you to mix in your own favorite essential oils – or leave it natural without any fragrance.

The Argan and jojoba oil combination will be perfect for almost any beard too!

Honest Amish Beard Balm

If you need a little more nourishment, this beard balm is the best. 

Simple, natural and inexpensive, this beard balm will help nourish your beard and provide a little more hold than oil alone. 

If you need more hold than this – check out the wax version of this product, below:

Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

Do you need to hold your beard’s shape for a special occasion or day. 

Use wax sparingly and work your way up to the amount that you should put in your beard. It is very easy to put too much in and make your beard look greasy. 

The Author

Andy Stapleton

Andy is a writer and YouTuber with a PhD in science. He has written and/or produced videos for Science Alert, COSMOS magazine, and Australia's Science Channel among others. He is an avid beard grower and after many years of growing and trialling different beard styles, he started this blog to share the tips, tricks, and science that he has learned along the way!