7 ways to keep beard hairs from sticking out

As your beard gets longer and longer, it gets harder to maintain the shape and style. There are many reasons why your beard hair can quickly become out of shape on your face and why the individual hairs may not behave themselves. In this article, we will go over all of the things you can do about keeping beard hairs from sticking out of the lines of your beard. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to keep your beard in shape!

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What does beard oil do? [Everything you need to know]

When growing a beard, you will inevitably come across beard oil. But what does beard oil do? I hadn’t heard about beard oil until three months into my beard growing journey. I was never one for buying styling products – even when I had hair. That all changed when I spoke to a friend and asked for some beard advice. The first thing that came out of his mouth was “Buy some beard oil”. I promptly went out and purchased some unscented beard oil. From that day on haven’t looked back. Here I want to share with you all of the awesome things that beard oil does and why you should buy (or make) some for your morning routine!

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What should my beard routine be?[Inspiration inside]

Coming up with a dedicated beard routine is the number one way you can look after your beard and keep it looking lush and maintained. While I was growing my beard, I noticed that the beard length dictated the best routine for my beard. As your beard grows, you’ll notice that you need to apply different products at different frequencies.

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How can I straighten my beard without heat? - Beard Growing Pro

How to straighten your beard without heat [5+ easy options]

Heat can be particularly damaging for beard hairs. Beards tend to dry out relatively quickly because of the low amount of oils they are subjected to from the natural sebum production on the skin’s surface. Having a dry beard results in many unfavourable beard problems such as dryness, frizziness, breakage and brittle hair. Heat can exacerbate dry beard issues, and many people are looking at ways to straighten their beards without heat.

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The Ultimate Heat Damaged Beard Recovery Guide - Beard Growing Pro

The Ultimate Heat Damaged Beard Recovery Guide

Bearded men put their hair through a lot. From daily pollutants and UV exposure to over washing and styling using heat tools – everything has the potential to damage your beard if you overdo it. Like most things in life, heat tools are useful for beard control when used in moderation.

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