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How to trim beard split ends [A Full Guide]

How to trim beard split ends [A Full Guide]

Split ends are very common in beards. Typically split ends are the secondary symptom of a dry beard and are very easy to fix. The beard hairs will look like unravelled rope at the ends and need to be trimmed as soon as possible to stop the damage from migrating further up the shaft of the beard hair.

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How can I straighten my beard without heat? - Beard Growing Pro

How to straighten your beard without heat [5+ easy options]

Heat can be particularly damaging for beard hairs. Beards tend to dry out relatively quickly because of the low amount of oils they are subjected to from the natural sebum production on the skin’s surface. Having a dry beard results in many unfavourable beard problems such as dryness, frizziness, breakage and brittle hair. Heat can exacerbate dry beard issues, and many people are looking at ways to straighten their beards without heat.

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The Ultimate Heat Damaged Beard Recovery Guide - Beard Growing Pro

The Ultimate Heat Damaged Beard Recovery Guide

Bearded men put their hair through a lot. From daily pollutants and UV exposure to over washing and styling using heat tools – everything has the potential to damage your beard if you overdo it. Like most things in life, heat tools are useful for beard control when used in moderation.

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What does damaged beard hair look like? [7 symptoms] - Beard Growing Pro

What does damaged beard hair look like? 7 symptoms

Damaged beard hair is easy to identify simply by looking at the condition of the beard. You may have seen people out in the public who have beard’s that look dull, dry, frizzy, and thin. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to prevent your beard from looking damaged, and some of the symptoms are an early warning sign for much more serious issues.

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Do Beard Care Products Prevent Split Ends? [SOLVED] - Beard Growing Pro

Do Beard Care Products Prevent Split Ends?

Developing split ends in your beard is inevitable. Whether or not you have a short beard, medium beard, or long beard, having split ends is a natural part of beard hair ageing and weathering. No matter how well you condition your beard, heat tools, brushing, colouring, and weathering effects or play an important part in causing beard split ends.

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Can you repair a damaged beard? - Beard Growing Pro

The top and *quick* ways you can repair a damaged beard!

I have been growing my beard for over three years, and I constantly wonder if I am doing enough to keep it looking the best it can look. A damaged beard can start slowly. It may be that your hair is a little bit frizzier than usual and can quickly escalate into a high number of breakages and increased beard hair fall.

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