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Hello and welcome to Beard Growing Pro!

I am the founder of beard growing pro and I welcome you to my site! To find out more about us head over to our about us page. We will help you throughout your beard growing journey – from the best beard styles for men to the latest in beard designs! Maybe you are working out the pros and cons of beard vs no beard. Or perhaps, you are looking for the best way to style your beard – such as a beard fade or a distinctive style!

I want to share with the world my experience, tips and methods for growing a fabulous beard.

A beard that you are proud of. A style and look that you can call your own!

Take a moment to check out our blog and browse the site. If you are looking for something specific feel free to use the search bar at the top of the page!

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Goatee grows faster than sides – what you can do about it!

Goatee grows faster than sides – what you can do about it!

It's the ultimate problem that occurs when you are growing a beard! The hours of constantly analyzing the shape and trimming off tiny bits here and there. Trimming your beard can certainly keep it in shape despite the fact that you are risking trimming off too much!...

Are bald guys with beards attractive?

Are bald guys with beards attractive?

Going bald can be relatively confronting for any person. It starts to affect the way that society views you and reacts to you. More importantly, it may also impact how you view yourself in terms of your attractiveness. Genetics ultimately dictates whether or are going...

Does beard growth increase with age?

Does beard growth increase with age?

As you are growing a beard you become acutely aware of its changes in length. Sometimes in the early days, it can feel like watching paint dry - but what about as you grow older? Does beard growth increase with age? Or do you have to wait longer for your beard to grow...

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Whatever your beard dreams consist of we are here to help you, guide you and be as helpful as possible. Are you looking for a new beard design? Are you looking for the latest beard fashion? Are you like me and going bald and need a new look – a beard is an ultimate way to change up for style! check out our blog for more answers to your burning questions!

 We know what it is like to struggle to find awesome answers to questions about facial hair. There is so much rubbish advice on the internet that we wanted a place where bearded people could find answers from professionals and from first hand experience!

Here at Beard Growing Pro, we are here to help you with all of your beardy questions!