How can I straighten my beard without heat? - Beard Growing Pro

How to straighten your beard without heat [5+ easy options]

Heat can be particularly damaging for beard hairs. Beards tend to dry out relatively quickly because of the low amount of oils they are subjected to from the natural sebum production on the skin’s surface. Having a dry beard results in many unfavourable beard problems such as dryness, frizziness, breakage and brittle hair. Heat can exacerbate dry beard issues, and many people are looking at ways to straighten their beards without heat.

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What does damaged beard hair look like? [7 symptoms] - Beard Growing Pro

What does damaged beard hair look like? 7 symptoms

Damaged beard hair is easy to identify simply by looking at the condition of the beard. You may have seen people out in the public who have beard’s that look dull, dry, frizzy, and thin. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to prevent your beard from looking damaged, and some of the symptoms are an early warning sign for much more serious issues.

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Why does my beard curl upwards

Why your beard curls upward [little known reasons]

Beards are wild by nature, and you may be noticing that a number of your beard hairs curl upwards. You may have them sporadically located over your entire face, or you may notice that you have a particular area of your beard where the beard hairs curl upwards. No matter where they are on your face, having your beard curl upwards is frustrating.

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beard irritation corner of mouth

5 simple fixes for beard irritation in the corner of the mouth

When you grow a beard, irritation comes with the territory. However, the irritation can become so bad that you end up considering shaving off your beard when it could be nothing to do with your furry face, friend. The corners of your mouth are particularly prone to irritation. Irritation in the corner of your mouth can be caused by hairs, dryness, fungal infections and more.

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look weird after shaving beard - beard growing pro

Why people look weird after shaving their beard [The psychology]

there are times in our lives where we want a drastic change. Maybe it is when we feel emotional and want our external self to reflect our internal self. No matter the motive for cutting or shaving your beard and changing your style dramatically, sometimes you can look weird after shaving your beard. Or you may notice that someone else has got a different beard style or removed their beard completely, and it looks really weird.

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Is it bad to tweeze a beard?

Is it bad to tweeze a beard? [A full Guide]

Using tweezers on your beard and waxing your beard seems like a really easy way to maintain your cheek lines and create a super sharp look. There is no doubt that waxing can cause many issues, but is tweezing your beard any better? Is it bad to tweeze a beard? This article will look at some of the dangers of tweezing your beard and what you definitely shouldn’t do.

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How do you wrap your beard at night

How to wrap your beard at night – with videos!

Protecting your beard at night is a very important step in growing a healthy and thick beard. You spend a huge amount of your time sleeping, and meshing your beard into the pillow at night may be causing it more harm than you know. Once I took more time to look at my nighttime routine, I noticed a significant decrease in beard hairs that I shed throughout the day.

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