Can you repair a damaged beard? - Beard Growing Pro

The top and *quick* ways you can repair a damaged beard!

I have been growing my beard for over three years, and I constantly wonder if I am doing enough to keep it looking the best it can look. A damaged beard can start slowly. It may be that your hair is a little bit frizzier than usual and can quickly escalate into a high number of breakages and increased beard hair fall.

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Why does my beard curl upwards

Why your beard curls upward [little known reasons]

Beards are wild by nature, and you may be noticing that a number of your beard hairs curl upwards. You may have them sporadically located over your entire face, or you may notice that you have a particular area of your beard where the beard hairs curl upwards. No matter where they are on your face, having your beard curl upwards is frustrating.

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beard irritation corner of mouth

5 simple fixes for beard irritation in the corner of the mouth

When you grow a beard, irritation comes with the territory. However, the irritation can become so bad that you end up considering shaving off your beard when it could be nothing to do with your furry face, friend. The corners of your mouth are particularly prone to irritation. Irritation in the corner of your mouth can be caused by hairs, dryness, fungal infections and more.

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7 easy solutions if your beard grows upwards [Tricks]

7 easy solutions if your beard grows upwards

Beards are funny things, and the hair growth pattern can be very erratic. No matter where the hair grows on your face, its direction depends on your genetics and the direction that the hair follicle sits relative to the surface of your skin.

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keep mustache out of mouth

Secrets to keeping your moustache out of your mouth…

One of the most frustrating parts of having a beard or moustache is the amount of time your moustache spends lingering at the corners of your mouth and on the edges of your lips. There is a very fine line between a suitably trimmed moustache that is comfortable and discreet and a moustache length that is constantly in your mouth.

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Does touching your beard damage it? Intense damage caused

Does touching your beard damage it? The surprising damage!

No matter the length of your beard, you may be concerned that you are damaging it when you are touching it. If your beard is short, you may be putting a lot of stress at the base of the hair. If your beard is long, you may be concentrating the stress along the hair shaft, which can create a high-pressure point inducing breakage.

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