Honest Amish soap review [Honest opinions]

Choosing the right soap for your beard is a very important decision. Washing your beard properly with a dedicated beard soap will give your beard the level up that everyone is after. This is because a beard soap is specially crafted for your face. It is a mild soap which means that it does not strip your beard of all of the natural oils and leaves the hair softer than if you were to use head shampoo on your beard. One of the most popular products for bearded people everywhere is the honest Amish soap. The honest Amish soap is highly recommended on online marketplaces and for good reason. This is a simple beard soap that simply works with your beard to keep it looking awesome.Here is my honest, honest Amish soap review…

In a hurry? Here is my quick review: I compared honest Amish soap to other brands and found that the honest Amish soap left my beard softer and easier to control than the beard brand beard wash. It had a strong but not overpowering sense which was pleasant, and the soap bar form means that it is easier to handle and to get the right amount into your beard. It is still one of the best beard soap that I have tried!

If you want to know more about my 50-50 beard experiment with beard brand beard wash check out my YouTube video, below. In this video I washed one half of my beard in honest Amish beard and body slick and the other half in beard brand beard wash. The results may surprise you…

Considering that the beard brand is about 3.4 times more expensive than the honest Amish I was expecting a lot more from it. At almost $30 the beard brand beard wash is a little disappointing.

Let’s have a look in more detail at the honest Amish beard soap and why I think it is one of the best beard soap is that you should consider buying.

The details

Honest Amish is branded incredibly well. The simple Amish mascot betrays a lot of integrity and simple processing which we have come to love and enjoy about products. They are a small shop that is situated in Weston, Pennsylvania and they make all of their items from scratch from the original recipes. Not only do they have soap but they also make beard balms, waxes, lip balms, licorice, and other products all with 100% natural, organic and sustainable ingredients. They say that they never use man-made chemicals, fragrances, petroleum byproducts, or man-made preservatives and they never put their products in plastics.

It is actually the last thing which interests me the most. By not using plastics but still delivering a top-quality product honest Amish are able to deliver on the promise of a great beard and appeal to the eco-conscious warrior inside all of us.

Honest Amish Beard & Body Soap (Slick)

4.7 out of 5 Stars

This beard soap is one of the most highly recommended on Amazon and for good reason! It’s just a simple beard soap that works! In combination with their other products, this sets the foundation of a fantastic beard maintenance routine that will leave your beard looking stellar! You don’t need much of this beard soap – a little goes a long way and you can expect to have it in your cupboard for many months. Make sure you keep it out of running water as it’ll wear down the bar really quickly.

  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Mild Non-Drying Formula Suited for Face and Beard
  • All Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Small Batch Hand Made Natural Soap
  • The Most Trusted Brand for Beards in the World

How much does it cost?

Honest Amish is a bargain soap. Honest Amish offers its beard slipped on Amazon from about $8.77 (click here to be taken to Amazon to get the current, best price). That is US$1.46 per ounce of soap. To give you an idea of how to much of a bargain that is here are some popular brands and their price of the soap.

Honest Amish beard slipped bar$8.77$1.46 / Oz
Beard brand beard soap$30$8.80 /Fl Oz
Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard SHAMPOO$14.90$3.39/Fl Oz
Beard Wash Shampoo with Argan Oil$19.97$2.50/ ounce
Bossman Men’s Bar Soap 4-in-1$8.49$1.89 /ounce
Spearmint Basil Natural Soap for Men – Dr. Squatch$9.95$1.99/ounce

You can see from the above table that this shampoo is competitive not only in absolute price but is one of the cheapest available in terms of its price per weight. This makes it incredibly attractive for the new beard grower who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a premium product like beard brand. But, as my video shows it may be premium in terms of price but not necessarily premium in terms of the way it leaves your beard hair.

If you want to find out more about the best soaps available check out my other article where a go through all of the things you need to know about beard soap and the ultimate guide to the best product available – click here.

What is in it?

According to their website the only thing that is in honest Amish beard soap is:

  • Saponified Organic Oils
  • Clays
  • essential oils.

But if you look at the packaging you can see exactly which oils are included and which Clays and essential oils are used.

Take a look at the photo below to read each of the ingredients that you can find in this beard soap:

the clay is a mixture of French yellow clay and white Caolin clay. The clay is there to give the soap some structural rigidity whilst also providing a slight exfoliation to the outside of the beard hairs. The smell is distinctively honest Amish and is a mixture of eucalyptus, Eugenia and cinnamon. It is this combination which actually smells really nice on your beard and lasts for a couple of hours after you have washed the soap out.

What do you get?

The one thing I like about this product is that what you get is very simple. You literally get a cardboard container which contains the beard soap and nothing else. The cardboard container is relatively simple with a design which looks like it is out of the 1990s. Where honest Amish lacks in terms of its design capabilities it makes up in terms of its simplicity and ability to recycle everything that they send to you.

On the back of the container you find that they have left a bit of a background of the product and the best ways to use it. This is what it says on the back of the container:

Honest amish soap review

Needless to say, we know beard is. Long before the current beard trend, way back before the 60s and 70s. And long before the 20th or 19th century for that matter… Beards have been an integral part of Amish culture. The careful these beards have been passed through generations of men. Our beard soaps are designed specifically for beards. All oils are carefully selected for their attributes along with the clays and botanicals added to each one. Please keep out of direct streams or pooling water between uses for maximum life.

Handmade by us here in Amish country for an honest wage. Thanks for choosing our products and have a wonderful day!

Inside the simple cardboard box is the body soap. It isn’t much to look at and it is stamped with the product name – beard and body slick.

The bar is approximately 8 ½ cm wide, 8 cm tall, and 2.4 cm thick as measured by a pair of calipers. This makes it relatively easy to hold and control but also it has a significant size to it which gives me confidence that it will last for a long period of time.

There are all of the attributes of the beard soap that we can talk about before actually just using the soap to wash with. Here, is what it’s like to wash with the honest Amish beard and body soap.

What it is like to wash with

An ideal beard soap would make it easy for the user to easily control the amount of soap that they are using, it would lather up and rinse well without leaving any residue on the beard, and it would leave the beard feeling soft and clean.

Here it was my first hand experience in using the honest Amish beard and body soap to wash my beard.


The beard soap takes a while to lather up in your hands. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does mean that you will spend a little bit longer in the shower rubbing the beard soap. In other products they may have decided to use a liquid soap and this is easier to distribute into your hand – just a simple squeeze of a bottle – but this encourages you to use way more than you need.

Once you have distributed some of the soap onto your hand rubbing it into the beard is relatively easy. It allows up well and results in a relatively small amount of bubbles but, this isn’t necessarily a problem because soap manufacturers add specific chemicals to their products to make them bubble more. There isn’t any of this in the beard soap from honest Amish and so you can be assured that all of the soap is working in your beard and not just creating bubbles on top of your beard.

The smell of the honest Amish soap is quite nice. It is relatively strong compared to other beard soaps I have used but I like that as it signals to the user that the soap will impart smell that will stay around some time after use.

The lather was creamy to the touch and did not leave any residue once it was washed off my hands.

Let’s have a look at how well it rinsed out of the beard.


As soon as my beard was placed under the stream of water the lather was easy to remove from my beard. Sometimes, with other soaps I kind of feel this sticky residue which makes it hard to run my fingers or hands over the top of area that has been cleaned but did not feel this with this beard soap.


When I got out of the shower I towel dried my beard and it felt very soft and smelled lovely too. The soap leaves the beard feeling soft and not wiry like some other soaps. The beard was easy to comb and the soap did not make it hard to brush completely and deeply through the beard.

The showering experience with this soap is very nice but it isn’t until you dry and heat treat your hair that honest Amish really comes into its own.

What it is like during blow drying

We all like to blowdry our beards regularly. Blow drying our beards means that they are easier to control as the heat break some of the bonds within the hair structure and sets it so that the beard lays flatter and straighter into the style that we desire.

It isn’t until you completely dry and blow dry your beard that you get a sense of what the beard soap has done for making your beard better.


During blow drying you put a fair amount of heat into your beard and this is where the smell really comes to the surface. I liked the smell and during blow drying is where I got the majority of the scent. I’m not sure if I’m removing it completely whilst blow drying but only having a little bit left at the end is nice.


This is where honest Amish slick beard soap really separates itself from the pack. I found that it was much easier to style my hair after using the honest Amish beard and body soap than other products. It was much easier to keep the beard in a contained and downwards direction.

When I did my 50-50 experiment it was significantly different on two sides of my beard with the iced Amish beard and body soap being the best side. As I wore my beard throughout the day I found that the style maintained better on the honest Amish side and the beard brand side.

This has to be one of the best upsides to using this product over other products. Anything that cuts down on the excessive use of heat treatment which can easily dry out and damage your hair is a bonus.

How it leaves the hair feeling

After the shampooing drying you have to wear your beard all day. This means that you wanted to look good and also be soft and manageable without becoming overly dry and frizzy. Here are the things that I noticed after using this soap and drying it out.


My beard was very soft. The softness was maintained throughout the day and I found that it lasted for a couple of days to. I had to use much less beard oil and beard wax which also helps reduce the price that I’m paying for these products and means that the soap is working perfectly in controlling and nourishing my hair.

This is definitely a soft soap which has been specifically manufactured for beards as it leaves it supersoft and girlfriend approved.


The smell lasted for a few hours after application. I would often find myself getting whiffs of the scent throughout the day. It wasn’t overpowering and I quickly got used to the sense and it faded into the background nicely. I think this smell would work well with a variety of other earthy smell is that you can find in products but I would probably stay clear of any citrus products which I think would clash with the scent of the honest Amish beard and body soap.

There is everything I thought about my beard and the use of honest Amish beard and body soap. It has become one of my favourite soaps and that is because they have designed it specifically for beards and it leaves my beard feeling awesome.

Here are some tips that I think you should consider if you are going to buy this product.

Tips for use:

Here are some of the best tips that I think you should consider if you are buying this product as it will help it last longer and also help you use it properly.

Cut it into quarters

One of the best tips I’ve seen about using this product is to cut into quarters and only use one quarter at a time. This means that it will last longer as it is unlikely to be washed away by the running water in a shower and it will remain solid whilst it is in storage awaiting for you to use one of the other quarters.

Don’t let it sit in the wet

Like any soap this soap is easily damaged by sitting under running water or in wet conditions. By cutting into quarters you certainly reduce the amount of erosion that the soap undergoes but also making sure that it is not sat on any wet services will also keep it hard and stop it from becoming a sloppy mess.

Water can easily migrate into the beard soap making it a horrible sloppy mess and so I recommend that you either remove the beard soap completely from the shower or you allow it to set on a porous surface so that the water drains away from the soap quickly after your shower.

I like to leave my beard soap on a scrubber so that all of the soap residue ends up in the scrubber and I get to washes for my money!

Multiple applications to your hair

As I have said above this can be very hard to lather up and requires you to rub the beard soap a little bit more than other beard soaps. I recommend rubbing the soap multiple times and doing a number of different applications to different parts of your beard. You can either use your hands to transfer the beard soap suds to the beard or you can put the beard soap directly into the hair and rolled around – this requires that your beard is a little bit longer.

Using multiple applications means that your beard will have an even amount of beard so placed through it.


I think that honest Amish beard and body soap is one of the best beard soaps that you can use. It leaves the beard in an incredibly soft position and it allows for easy styling with heat products such as beard straighteners or blow dryers.

Not only does that leave the beard soft it also has a scent which is pleasant and subtle and last throughout the rest of the day.

If you are in the market for some new beard soap you should consider buying some honest Amish beard and body soap as it is an incredible product and well worth the small amount of money that you pay!

Happy beard growing my beautiful friend!

Honest Amish Beard & Body Soap (Slick)

4.7 out of 5 Stars

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