Beard oil is a staple product when it comes to growing a beard! Whether you have stubble or a full-grown beard it is a must use. Beard oils contain nourishing and non-greasy oils to condition your beard hair. There are other benefits too such as reducing itchiness, moisturizing the skin under the beard and taming your hair. There are a bunch of benefits but how to use beard oil depends on your beard length and the climate that you live in.

I was always a little skeptical when it came to using beard oil. After all, it’s just oil, right?

I was WRONG!

Beard oil is made specifically to nourish the hair and improve it’s strength and look. I’ve just returned from a long weekend away and I forgot to take my beard oil!

I’ve been using it for so long that I forgot how much better my beard looks and feels after I’ve used beard oil in the mornings. Without it, my beard hair feels frizzy and just doesn’t stay in place. I also realized that it felt very stiff on my face and really frizzy.

The good thing is that just a few drops of an inexpensive oil can help you reach beard perfection and it’s also really easy to make yourself!

It can be quite confusing when faced with all of the options of different types of beard oils and different ingredients. The usage of beard oils depends on the therapeutic effects that you want it to have.

What is in beard oil?

Beard oils are a very basic product consisting of two parts: The carrier oil and the essential oil. Both have a therapeutic effect but essential oils must be diluted in order to stop them from burning your skin!

Ingredient 1: Carrier oil(s)

The carrier oil component is the main bulk of beard oil and can consist of a mixture of oils. The oils in the beard oil each have a different therapeutic property and below we have collected a sample of the most popular and shall look at each one and why you would choose each.

AraganIt is rich in vitamin E, carotenes, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Argan Oil is used to nourish the hair making it shiny and healthy-looking.
JojobaIt is known to closely resembles the sebum of the skin and is rich in vitamin E.
SunflowerUse this oil to treat dry & damaged skin, eczema, and psoriasis.
AvocadoIt is typically added to other carrier oils in order to boost protein and vitamin content.
CoconutCoconut oil can be used as a skin moisturizer, helping with dry skin. It also reduces protein loss when used in hair.
CastorIt is used to treat split hairs and add volume to the beard.
Rice BranIt adds sheen while moisturizing and conditioning the hair without weighing it down.
Sweet AlmondIt is rich in proteins, Olein Glyceride Linoleic Acid, and Vitamin D, and should be used by those with dry skin.
GrapeseedThe high contents of omega 6 fatty acids are known to nourish and improve the texture of the skin.

The carrier oils also act as a carrier for essential oils – they have to be diluted otherwise can harm your beard and the skin under it.

Here I want to list the most popular essential oils and the effects that they can have on your beard if used sparingly.

Ingredient 2: Essential oils

Essential oils, when used directly, can burn the skin and cause damage to the beard. We have to add them in very small amounts to the carrier oil. The essential oil provides a nice smell but also each oil has its own benefit. Here are my favourite oils and how they can help your beard!

Lavender Antimicrobial cleanser
Relieves itching due to dry skin
Cleaner for acne-prone skin
Revitalizes the appearance of hair
Patchouli Has a distinct musky aroma found in “manly” products
Fights bad odors
Helps pores look smaller
Antibacterial cleanser
Cedarwood Oil Has a woodsy aroma
Improvement in feeling through calming, lingering, energizing scent
Moisturizes to relieve dry, itching, and flaking skin
Purifies skin by removing dirt
Antibacterial cleanser
Supports hair growth
Clove Bud Has a spicy aroma
An antibacterial cleanser that is ideal for acne-prone skin
Nourishes and thickens hair
Strengthens the hair
Eucalyptus Antibacterial cleanser
Fights bad odour
Moisturizes the skin
Adds shine to and thickens hair for a healthier look
Lemon Purifies skin and hair by removing dirt
Cleans oily and acne-prone skin
Removes loose dandruff flakes from the hair
Alleviates dry skin
Replenishes/protects the skin’s moisture barrier
Strengthens and adds shine to hair
Peppermint Cools and invigorates skin
Antibacterial cleanser
Makes hair stronger and thicker
Cleans hair without stripping away its natural oils
Moisturizes and nourishes hair for enhanced beauty
Pine Energizes and revitalizes the appearance of the hair
An antibacterial cleanser that is suitable for cleaning oily and acne-prone skin
Hydrates skin to relieve itching due to dryness
Cleanse hair and removes loose dandruff flakes
Strengthens hair
Sandalwood Relieves itching due to dry skin
Moisturizes and tightens skin
Improves the texture of skin
Protects against and alleviates chapping, cracking, and roughness due to dryness
Antibacterial cleanser
Kills odour-causing bacteria
Improves skin elasticity and resiliency
Has skin brightening effects, which may benefit discoloration from dark spots and tans
Tightens skin
Cleanses oily skin and removes oil
Moisturizes and nourishes hair
Tea Tree Fortifies and thickens hair
Repairs split ends as well as dry and damaged hair
Moisturizes hair for shine, texture, softness, and beauty
Removes loose dandruff flakes from the hair
Relieves itching due to dry skin
Cleanses oily skin and removes excess oil
Protects the skin’s moisture barrier
Promotes the healthy appearance of hair and skin

My word of warning for the use of essential oils – THEY SMELL STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!

I got a little overzealous when first making my own beard oil and used too much tea tree oil. I ended up smelling like an industrial cleaning product for a whole three months. Choose your essential oils carefully – it s what you will end up smelling like for a long time!

When should you start using beard oil?

Should you start using beard oil when you only have stubble? Should you start using beard oil when you start seeing split ends and your beard is dry?

The answer is – start using beard oil when you decide that you want to grow a beard!

There’s no point in using beard oil if you are shaving every few days. If you are shaving your face regularly you are better off using a good face moisturizer. However, the moment you’ve decided to grow a beard. Buy a good quality beard oil – or make your own!

I actually started using beard oil a fair time into my beard growing journey and when my beard started feeling dry and itchy – I should have used it way before that time!

Using a beard oil from the very start of my journey would have meant that I was laying the foundations of good beard growth. It would have helped to stop itchiness and reduce the amount of dry skin that I experienced early on.

You see, the oil helps the skin too – not just the beard hair!

Beard oil is only effective when used on a nice clean beard – which brings us on to our next point – WHEN you should apply beard oil during your beard growing routine!

When you should apply beard oil

I often get asked when to apply bear oil. Is it after a shower? Is it after a good brushing?

Well, I apply my beard oil after a nice hot shower and when my beard is clean and dry. My morning routine looks like this:

  1. Wash my beard (every two days) with beard shampoo and conditioner
  2. Dry my beard lightly with a towel
  3. Cool blow dry my beard while brushing it into shape
  4. Apply DIY beard oil throughout my beard
  5. Apply DIY beard balm
  6. Walk out of the bathroom and wait for the compliments to pour in!

Applying after a shower means that your hair is primed for oiling. There will be no debris or dust on your hair to stop the oil from working its magic on your hair.

I make my own beard oil because then I know exactly what is in it. I like the option of choosing the combination of oils that match my skin.

I shower in the morning but many people shower at night. Does that mean you should be applying beard oil before bed? Let’s tackle that question separately.

Should you apply beard oil before bed?

Applying beard oil before bed can be an option but you want to be careful with the amount that you use because otherwise, you are just wasting it as it absorbs into your pillow.

When you are applying your beard oil or carrier oil at night, you want to reduce the amount you use by at least half. I like to use only two drops and make sure that it is spread evenly all over my hands before application.

The goal here is to have a very light application about 45 minutes before you actually go to bed. Don’t rush the application and apply it just before you go to bed – you need time to allow the beard oil to sink into your skin and beard.

If you don’t wait – more will end up on your pillow than penetrates into your beard. That’s just a huge waste of time and money!

What about applying in the morning and evening?

Sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing! It’s probably not advisable to overdo the application of beard oil.

Firstly, the essential oils could actually damage your beard if there’s too much applied and, secondly, if you think you need more oil – you may need a more intensive treatment!

If you find that your daily treatment of beard oil is not leaving your beard as conditioned as you want it to be you may need a leave-in beard conditioner. Alternatively, I have found that a regular dose of Bluebeards beard conditioner works wonders for my beard and after buying it in Austin, Tx, I’m needing a replacement tub soon!

Check out Bluebeards Beard conditioner with this link – click here!

How much should you use

In the early days of my beard growing adventure, I have committed a great sin…I used far too much beard oil!

One of my colleagues actually asked me “is your beard wet?”. That was mildly embarrassing for me but nonetheless it reminds me daily about not using too much beard oil!

So, how much should you use?

The average beard requires about 6 drops of beard oil applied every day. That means that the average bottle will last you about 100 days or about three months.

This is a general rule of thumb for beard growers but there are a couple of environmental and growth factors that can change the amount you need to apply to your beard.

Dry climate

If you live in a particularly dry climate you need to use more beard oil. I have been living in Adelaide, South Australia for a few years now and it is one of the driest places to live!

In the summer I have to apply a little bit more beard oil. I will often opt for a beard balm as I find that the shea butter hydrates my beard better in the dry climate.

If you don’t want to purchase or make beard balm for your self an extra dose of beard oil is all you need. Just make sure that you rub it in completely and thoroughly. Getting to the skim and working it (gently) into the skin is how you can ensure that the beard oil will do good stuff!

Length of your beard

The longer your beard gets the more beard oil you need to use. Initially, you may only need one or two drops to cover your face and short stubble. As your beard grows, however, you will need more.

Use this table to estimate exactly how much beard oil you will need to use depending on the length of your beard:

LengthNumber of drops
Stubble1 -2
4 weeks growth2 – 3 drops
10 weeks growth3 – 4 drops
Off chin length 5 -6 drops
WizardTwo applications of 4 drops

If you have gotten to a wizard length beard you need to apply beard oil in two stages. First, you need to work towards the roots of the hair. Second, you need to rub beard oil into the ends of the hair.

Take the time to play about with the amount of beard oil that you need to use. You want enough so that over about one hour it absorbs into the beard with very little remaining.

If you have some still on your beard after one hour consider reducing the amount that you apply to your beard.

How to apply the beard oil

Some blogs and people like to over complicate the beard oil application process! this is what you need to do to make sure that it works for you.

The perfect technique for applying your beard oil.

Step 1: Drop the appropriate amount of beard oil into the palm of your hand. Normally, this would be about 3 – 4 drops of beard oil.

Step 2: Rub your hands together and make sure that you evenly distribute the beard oil all over your hands and fingers.

Step 3: Using your fingers, work the beard oil deep into the beard. Make sure that you touch the skin under your beard.

Step 4: Rub your hands together once again and then, with the grain of your beard, use flat hands to work the beard oil into your beard.

Step 5: Use your palms to brush the hair down on the sides of your face and cheeks

Step 6: Work the underside of your beard with the palms and fingers of your hands. It is at this point that if you want to add more beard oil to your hands you can do so. Err on the side of caution if you are not sure and don’t add any more.

Step 7: The last thing to pay attention to is your mustache. use your fingertips to coat the hairs on your mustache and smooth the hair into position.

Then you are done! Feel free to re-run any aspect of this step by step process.

After applying beard oil

After you have applied beard oil with your fingers you will have to do a little brushing and maintenance to ensure that your beard is style exactly the way you want it.


Brushing and combing your beard will make sure that it is knot free and sits on your face the way you intend it to sit!

The benefits of brushing or combing your beard are as follows:

  • Prevent’s ingrown hairs
  • Cleans debris trapped in your hair
  • makes your beard look fuller by causing hairs to fall on top of each other

When you are brushing your hair remember to go slowly. If you rush the brushing step of your beard maintenance you risk breaking hairs and thinning out your luxurious bush!

Brushes often have two different teeth width on them. Both my plastic and wooden beard brushes have wide and thin teeth widths. Start with the wider side of your beard comb and then use the smaller side once you have worked out the biggest issues with your beard.

Don’t be scared of going upward on your beard – agains the grain. Remeber to go slowly and stop if you hit any significant friction or tangles. This will give you a frizzy look.

After you have frizzied up your beard you need to comb downwards to push the beard into the shape you wish it to take.

If at this stage your beard still isn’t looking as good as you would have hoped for – you need to consider using a stronger hold product like beard balm or beard wax – for a really firm hold!

BONUS: The benefits of beard oil

Beard oil has a huge range of benefits for the beard grower. Remembering these key benefits will motivate you to apply beard oil every day.

1: Oil gets rid of the beard itch

In the early stages of growing your beard, it could cause you some discomfort and become itchy. But push through the pain – it is worth it!

First-time growers can experience discomfort in the early stages of their growth. Rubbing a small amount of beard oil on the skin can help stop the itchiness. If you are a regular shaver the hairs on your face are sharp and ragged from cutting. Beard oil helps soften the ends of your short beard hairs and the irritation it causes.

Short hair isn’t the only thing that can cause itchiness – long hair can cause it too! The longer you facial hair the more natural oil is required from your face, called sebum, for it to remain properly hydrated.

The problem is sebum production doesn’t always keep up with your beard growth. A lack of sebum in the beard causes the skin to become dry and itchy. Beard oil supplements the natural oils from your face to that it stays hydrated.

2: You can fight beard dandruff

Beard dandruff (or beardruff) is one of the most hated aspects of beard growing that could happen to you. Having an itchy beard due to dryness causes you to scratch your beard. This can cause loose skin to fall away and result in the less-than-desirable flaky shirt.

Using beard oil will help keep the skin under your beard hydrated and reduces flaking.

3: It keeps your beard styled

Using beard oil ensures that your beard will be easier to manage. It does this by making the beard softer and more malleable. The hair is also hydrated enough that it doesn’t become frizzy – as you see with head hair on a dry day.

I find that a little bit of beard oil on after drying keeps my beard styled for a much longer time.

4: Beard oil smells good

Beard oil consists of carrier oil and essential oils – more on this below!

The essentials oils provide some therapeutic benefits but also provide some awesome scent. I’ve toyed around with a few scents in my DIY beard oil adventures but vanilla and peppermint (not together) seem to be my favorite.

I like playing around with the different essentials oils and tend to select them based on smell over function. My biggest word of warning is to stay away from cleaning product smells – I ended up making a batch with eucalyptus and tea tree oil. It was not good to smell like toilet cleaner every day!

The final word

Beard oil is a magical product and os something that we need to take seriously if you are to realize your beard growing dreams.

There a so many good reasons to use beard oil. It is inexpensive and easy to make – if you are so inclined.