Should you straighten your beard? Everything you need to know…

Growing a beard is becoming more popular than ever. But when you think about growing a beard you don’t really think about it growing out in a really curly and unkempt way. As you are proceeding down your beard growing journey it becomes obvious that your beard is going to take a little bit of taming. This is a really common thing for beard growers. Some people have curlier beards than others but the one thing that unites us is we always want to change what we have. This can lead to beard growers wanting to straighten their beards. So, should you straighten your beard? Let’s find out.

Using a beard straightener or relaxer consciously and in a balanced way will mean that you can have a straight beard without damaging it. However, overuse of a straightener on a high heat or more than a couple days a week can leave your beard dry, full of split ends, and very frizzy.

Straightening a beard, is something that is becoming increasingly popular. Whether it is the beard styles that we see in the media or just personal preference – we all seem to want a straighter beard. In this article, we’re going to talk about all of the things related to straightening your beard and, most importantly, whether or not it is a good thing for your beard. You could be doing a live damage without even realising it.

Benefits of straightening your beard

There are loads of really great reasons for why you should consider straightening your beard. Let’s take a look at the reasons why having a beard straightening product is a brilliant way of taming your beard:

  • it’s easy – running a beard straightener through your hair is such a simple process that you can include it in your daily routine. To straighten a beard all it takes is two minutes (once you get comfortable with it) in a mirror and you have a picture-perfect beard.
  • It’s effective – there’s no doubt that investing in a beard straightener will get you what you want quickly. Beard straighteners and beard relaxing creams have been designed for ultimate effectiveness. That makes it incredibly attractive to a beard grower and owner.
  • Easy to travel with – if you are a person who travels regularly carrying all of your creams, balms, waxes, and butter can get a little annoying. It is tempting to want to replace these products with a simple small electronic gadget. Most beard straighteners and creams pack down incredibly well so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your toiletry bag.

Although these benefits are very appealing for most beard owners, there are some serious and real side-effects to straightening your beard. Let’s talk about the downsides of straightening your beard and why you need to seriously consider whether or not it is for you.

Downsides of straightening your beard

along with the benefits of straightening your beard there are some real downsides to using any beard straightening product – whether that is cream or beard straighteners. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should stop straightening your beard hair.

  • Your beard hair can dry out – regular heat treatments and harsh drying can leave beard hair incredibly dry and brittle. This will increase breakage and fallout leading to a less dense beard. Also, side-effects of dry hair include more split ends and frizzy hair.
  • It is hiding the real you – trying to control your beard too much and looking for the “perfect” beard may be hiding what makes your beard unique. Leaving it curly or wavy will help it look fuller and more natural.
  • The expense – even though beard straighteners are relatively inexpensive it is still an extra cost to maintaining your beard. Also, these electronic items will need replacing every few years. So, by not using any straightening products on your hair you will be saving some money.

So, the decision to use a straightener is not as simple as you may think. It comes down to individual choice. If you choose to use a beard straightener then you should use it in a sensible manner. That means, not using it every day and giving your beard a day off regularly. You also have to to have a pretty rigourous conditioning schedule to make sure that your beard stays hydrated from all of the heat treatment.

So that we can talk about curly beards and straighteners in more detail let’s take a quick look at why beards are actually curly. And why some people’s beards are curlier than others.

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Why are beards curly?

The largest determinants of whether beards are curly or straight are the shaft of the hair and the follicle. The shaft of the beard hair is the part that we can see. Beard hair is curly because the hairs are flatter than the hairs on our head. The flatness of the shaft causes the beard to curl more dramatically than the hair on our heads. The follicle is part of the hair which anchors it to our face.

The shape of the follicle will also determine whether the beard hair is curlier than others. If the follicle is more rounded, the beard hair will tend to grow straighter. An oval follicle will make your beard hair wavy and curly.

All of this is pretty much determined by your genetics. So, you are likely to have the same beard curly us as the male members of your family. However, that doesn’t mean you will have identical beards to them – it’s all just a bit of a lottery.

Beyond genetics, there are also some environmental and care factors that can make your beard wavier than it should be. This includes:

  • Bad hair maintenance – probably one of the most important factors beyond genetics is a dry beard. Once your hair loses a certain amount of moisture it is more likely to curl up.
  • Not drying your beard properly – drying your beard after a shampoo is another important time to tame it. If you don’t dry your beard off completely after washing it, it can leave some residue from the water that you used to wash your hair. These deposits can affect the way your hair lies and also dry it out further.
  • Not brushing or combing enough – there are a load of really awesome and simple ways to keep your beard straighter and brushing or combing is the most important. Brushing and combing stops the hair from clumping together and removes tangles so that your beard balm or oil can moisturise the entire surface of the hair.

Now that you know why beard hair is curlier than other hair let’s take a look at whether or not beard straighteners are good or bad for your hair.

Are beard straighteners bad for your hair

Using a hair straightener on your beard is the simple but effective way of taming even the wildest of beards. However, the truth of the matter is that beard straighteners, if they are used to much, can absolutely damage your hair.

Any extreme heat treatments can quickly dry out beard hair and leave it in a worse state than it started in. The daily use of a straightener can exacerbate dry hair problems. This makes it much more vulnerable to split ends, breakage, and freezing us. The more heat you use and the more often you use it the worse the problem will become. It’s like a vicious cycle of bad hair treatment.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use beard straighteners in a safe and productive way. It just means that you have to be more conscious about the heat and how often you are using the beard straighteners.

It’s all about selecting the right straightener for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best beard straighteners currently available online.

What is the best beard straightener?

I would start by recommending the Cayzor Beard Straightener :

The Cayzor Beard Straightener is one of the highest-ranking articles at Amazon and that doesn’t come as a surprise once you look at what it offers you!

Besides having a very appealing price tag for what it offers, it can deliver five different temperature settings that will, as we mentioned before, be perfect to adjust to whatever beard type you have. It won’t take you long to finish the job as it will heat up in 60 seconds and features a really cool and modern LCD screen. You’re granted to be safely protected from burns and this article is actually both a beard comb and a heated beard straightener.

Ideal beard length is 2″ and longer. It is ideal for any length and type, meaning you really will get yourself a great deal that is also an all-rounder.

The Straight Hair Comb USB

If you’re more into high tech and you don’t mind spending a little more, you can grab yourself one of the coolest gadgets for your beard available on Amazon:

The Straight Hair Comb USB is the true all-rounder. It will improve your beard and hair in the same fantastic way.

The best thing about it is that it’s totally portable and you can charge it via USB cable, extremely practical for your straightening sessions.

In the same manner as the Cayzor, this beard straightener can be both used as a hair comb with all facilities to avoid damage to your facial hair as well as a straightener.

Unlike most of its peers, it hosts Negative Ionizer Technology that helps it run smooth through your beard and will reduce curls and tangles, giving it a light and professional look.

If that’s not impressive enough, it works as an emergency power bank for your mobile phone or laptop via its USB connection. Fair enough it costs more than double than most straighteners you can find, but it offers a better experience overall.

Now, let’s take a look at another way of straightening your beard – a beard straightening cream or relaxer.

Beard straightening cream/relaxer

Another really impressive way of straightening your curly beard is with a beard relaxing cream. This is a chemical treatment for your beard and will semi-permanently give you a nice straight beard.

How to use a beard relaxer and straightener

Using a beard relaxer and straightener is incredibly simple. It is something that you can do at home. You can fit it into your weekly or monthly routine with ease. And if you can you shampoo and conditioner you can quite easily use a beard relaxer. Here are the basic steps:

  • wet your hair in the shower like you would usually do when shampooing your hair
  • apply the relaxing shampoo from the roots to the tip of the hair – divide your beard into smaller sections if you have to.
  • Use a fine tooth comb to get the relaxing agent to evenly distribute throughout your beard
  • leave the beard relaxing shampoo in for about 30 minutes – go about your normal showering routine
  • after about 30 minutes rinse your beard with water to remove the majority of the relaxing shampoo
  • once a note of the shower blow dry your beard on a medium heat setting
  • use a straightening iron to straighten out any of your curls
  • apply the neutraliser to stop the relaxing cream from working and lock your straight beard hair in place
  • using the shampoo that came with the beard straightener cream wash your beard three times.
  • Towel dry your beard and apply the sealer – this is to seal in and lock the hair in a straight position.
  • Finish drying your beard how you would normally do so for example, with a hairdryer, and the process is complete.

Your hair will stay straight for a relatively long time and the new hair growth will be curlier than the straightened part. You can repeat this process once the new growth makes up about 25 to 50% of your beard.

Using a beard relaxer is a fantastic way to remove one step from your weekly maintenance schedule. This semipermanent approach allows you to be confident that your beard will remain straight for many weeks. But there some other options that you may wish to consider. Let’s take a look at them now.

Options for straightening your beard

Above we talked about probably the two most important ways of straightening your beard. That is, using a beard straightener and a beard relaxer. But these are not the only options you have for trying to make your beard a little straighter. In this section we will talk about the other options you have and how you can use natural products to help straighten your beard.

Let’s start with our favourite products.

Beard products

Using a really good beard balm, oil, or butter on your beard daily is a fantastic way to keep your beard hydrated and less curly. A hydrated beard is a happy beard and a beard that is easier to tame. Also, these products can contain beeswax. Beeswax is a fantastic natural product that can add and hold style and straightness into your beard. Using these key beard products is the easiest way to keep your beard straighter than it would be.

It all comes down to locking in moisture.

Make sure that first of all you use a good beard wash that does not strip your beard too harshly of all of the natural oils. Go check out my other article on the best beard soaps if you’re not sure which one to use – click here. Backing that up with a good beard conditioner will keep your beard hydrated and awesomely smooth.

Next, I would recommend applying your favourite beard oil. Make sure you get to the roots of your beard and distributed evenly to the tips. Now, a beard oil won’t necessarily straighten your beard because it contains no wax. But it will help with the oval or health of your beard.

A deep leaving conditioner, such as a beard butter, will relax the hairs and offer a medium hold to straighten out curls a tiny bit. If you find that beard butter does not relieve or remove most of the curls and waves you can upgrade to a beard balm or beard wax. These have increasing amounts of beeswax which you can use to hold your beard straighter.

It’s important that as your beard grows you play about with different products. What worked for you last month will probably not work for you as well this month. So, keep playing with the products as your beard is growing. Once you have reached your desired length then you can settle on your favourite products for keeping it straight.

Now let’s take a look at the next option which is using a blow dryer.


just like a beard straightener, a hairdryer uses a medium heat treatment to flatten out your hair. Just like a beard straightener too much heat from a hairdryer can damage your hair… So go carefully. A beard dryer is something that I use every time that I shampoo and conditioner my beard. I find that it is one of the best ways to keep my beard tame. The process for using a hairdryer is simple and goes something like this:

  • shampoo and condition your hair deeply – this will lay the foundations of a fantastic condition and an styled beard.
  • Dry your beard with a towel but not too harshly – don’t go too hard on your beard with the towel it will just end up breaking the hairs. Wet hairs are hairs that are easier to damage.
  • Grab your favourite beard comb or brush and brush against the growth of your beard and out. Follow the comb and brush closely with your hairdryer. This will fluff out your beard.
  • Now do the opposite, brush your hair down and “into shape” once again following the comb or brush closely with the hairdryer.
  • Finally use a cold setting on your hairdryer and brush lightly over the outer edge of your beard.

Using a hairdryer is a simple and effective way to straighten your beard. You must do it regularly and after every time you have shampooed and conditioned your beard. The good thing is most homes have a hairdryer anyway, so you are not purchasing any extra equipment.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the natural straightening treatments you can do at home with natural and organic products.

How to straighten beard hair at home naturally

There are also some options for home remedies to straighten your beard. These home remedies consist of ingredients that are commonly found around the home. And can be mixed together and applied to the hair without any special equipment. The recipes in this section may seem a little strange but many people swear by them. Let’s take a look at three options for straightening your beard at home, naturally.

milk and honey mask

milk and honey is a great way to condition your beard and it may also help straighten your beard. You need to mix together 1 cup of whole milk (or coconut milk) and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients together well and then distribute throughout your beard hair. With all of these home treatments it needs to sit in your hair for at least one hour before you wash it out.

After washing out blow dry your beard hair straight and use product to provide extra hold if required. With a regular treatment of milk and honey you should find that it is easier to straighten your beard with other traditional means.

milk and egg mask

every time I see people recommend an egg I get sceptical – but it seems to work. You can also mix 2 cups of milk with one egg that has been lightly whisked. Allow this mixture to sit in your beard hair for 10 minutes, and then squeeze out the excess. Wrap with a plastic cover and leave it for another 30 minutes. Then using a medium heat (we don’t want scrambled eggs) shampoo and condition your beard. Then brush your beard straight.

coconut milk and lemon juice

this is a effective treatment and combines a load of other ingredients. This DIY straightening recipe should be used twice a week for two months in order to relax and straighten your beard hair. Mix together 1 cup of coconut milk, 5 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and place on a stove on a low heat. Stir the mixture until it is smooth and combined. Allow the mixture to cool and apply to your beard hair. Allow it to sit in your beard for at least 20 minutes and then rinse out. Dry and brush your hair as usual.

These three simple recipes could be the thing that you need to effectively straighten your hair. Feel free to use these recipes in combination with other techniques mentioned in this article. And you could be on to your secret beard straightening treatment.


There is no harm in straightening your beard if done properly. There are a number of options to straighten your beard beyond what we normally see which is the flat iron straighteners. Choosing what is best for you and your beard will be the key to getting the most out of straightening your beard. Be careful when using heat treatments as these can cause a vicious downward spiral of dry hair that will make your beard hair worse.

However, done the right way there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider straightening your beard if that is something that you feel like is appropriate for you.

Happy beard growing my friends!

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