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How to use beard oil

How to use beard oil

Beard oil is a staple product when it comes to growing a beard! Whether you have stubble or a full-grown beard it is a must use. Beard oils contain nourishing and non-greasy oils to condition your beard hair. There are other benefits too such as reducing itchiness, moisturizing the skin under the beard and taming your hair. There are a bunch of benefits but how to use beard oil depends on your beard length and the climate that you live in.

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How to grow a long beard

How to grow a long beard

When you tell people that you want to grow a beard you probably imagine them with a massively long beard! Obviously, we know that there are many more options than to look like a wizard but if that is your goal this blog post will show you how to grow a long beard faster!

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How to apply beard oil for beginners

How to apply beard oil for beginners. Everything you need to know!

When you start growing a beard someone will tell you to get some beard oil. I remember when, during a shopping trip, I asked a man with a luxurious beard what his secret was, his answer? Beard oil. I had no idea that it was so fundamental to beard-growing success! Here I want to talk you through how to apply beard oil for beginners…

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should I grow a beard?

Should I grow a beard or not? 13 surprisingly simple questions to ask yourself.

There comes a time in most men’s lives where they will consider growing a beard. You’ll hear that nagging feeling in the back of your mind “Should I grow a beard?.” Some think that is is as easy as just stopping shaving – while others are put off by the amount of time it can take to get you your ideal beard! Whatever you are thinking in regard to growing your beard – here, we will do through all of the important questions that you should ask yourself that will help you decide whether to grow a beard or not.

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How to grow a beard faster for teenager

How to grow a beard faster for a teenager – everything you need to know!

Waiting for puberty to hit so you can grow a beard can be frustrating. I know that when I was about 13 or so, I couldn’t wait to shave. I used to lie about it to my friends and say that I was shaving when, in reality, the fuzz on my upper lip just didn’t appear. Growing a beard is something that many teenagers want to do as it is a signal to the world that you have entered manhood. So, if you cannot grow the beard you want how can you grow a beard faster for a teenager?

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Will your beard stop growing?

Will your beard stop growing? Busting the myths!

There are some lOOOOOng beards in the world! There’s no doubt that growing a beard takes patience and sometimes it may feel like your beard has stopped growing. The correct term for the final length a beard will reach is called its terminal length. But what does this mean and will your beard actually STOP growing or getting longer?

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beard growing rules

10 insider beard growing rules you need to read!

Growing a beard is one of the biggest decisions a man can make when it comes to changing their style. The growing process, however, is full of ups and downs but with some simple rules, it’s easy to make the process much smoother. Here are some of the best beard growing rules that we have tried and tested throughout our beard-growing process.

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how often trim beard when growing

How often should you trim your beard when it’s growing?

Make no mistake – growing a beard is in competition with trimming a beard. But when you have got a long beard in mind the question is: How often should you trim your beard while it is growing? Surely you’d like it to look neat and presentable as it is growing – am I right! Here we’ll look at how often you should trim your beard as it is growing out!

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